Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our day to speak

This morning Maddison and I attended a meeting with Rep. Trent Franks in an effort to gain his support for the renewal of the Special Diabetes program.
Our meeting was very friendly and direct, short but sweet. Our JDRF Rep (Activation Leader) did most of the speaking as expected, which for me of course was a huge plus! I felt very comfortable regardless. Congressman Franks was very personable and relaxed in speaking with us today. Maddison wiggled in her chair silently, with smiles and bobbing little feet in the great big leather chairs. She listened with eyes of wonder, I think she truly has a good understanding of what our meeting was about. The emotions ran wild on both sides as we covered topics of concern with Health care in our nation. The JDRF rep and I both had tears in our eyes as we listened to Rep. Franks speak with understanding of our mission for our children, and our concern of Diabetes exploding around the globe. I left the meeting feeling assured that there are Congressman working towards supporting the Diabetes community in many varied ways. Today I have a sense of renewed hope in what Diabetes research will bring in the years to come.

Maddison did so well in speaking and was very patient despite the fact that she really did not want to attend. We talked about the meeting alot last night and why this was important to not only me, but to every child or adult that faces Diabetes every day. The importance for our future, and halting new diagnosis in the years ahead. She finally sighed a long sigh and said "oh ok mom!" So, we worked together until midnight (eekkkk) to make him a book called "Maddison's New Life" It was heart warming and inspiring all at once. Her self portraits were enough to make you cry. She wrote alot of things in her book that hurt my heart. But, I think that she really made an impact today! And so in the months ahead we shall see......


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!

Cosmo Mom said...

That's wonderful! What kinds of things did she say in the book you all made? Did you send it to the congressmen?