Monday, May 19, 2008

Back to life

Whew, I am back to myself finally. The past week I have been feeling really good. I have Maddison mostly adjusted for now. It's scary how when you are going through something so stressful you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel and it consumes who you are. I guess I don't handle stress very well when it comes to my childs health and well being. I'm back to feeling entirely positive and motivated. No harsh words here. My sleep deprived mind and body has been relieved of the basal change and testing chaos. Maddison has had great daytime numbers for the most part, but I am still working on nightime adjusting as usual. My average BS thanks to getting back on the treadmill is at 126 for 30 days and 109 for the last week! Hooray! I am happy to have myself back. I was really hating that person that took me over :(

Let's hope that we can continue on the road to being free of Diabetes feelings. I am hoping it will decide to just live peacefully with us for awhile. No anger, no sadness, no reminder that Diabetes is within our bodies, PLEASE! I guess I tend to blog to vent my frustrations. So, if I am not posting it should be assumed life is good!


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Woot Woot to good numbers and happy feelings!