Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I hate to speak too soon, but last night Maddison stayed 118-130 ALL NIGHT!!! The first stable night in weeks, I am so relieved and excited I had to share! I had made some changes yesterday for nigh time after about a week of patterned stubborn lows followed by highs when I adjusted some things. I guess it is too soon to tell, but MAN, one night of stability without highs or lows is very encouraging and motivating!! Daytime numbers are great too!

We are working on getting swimming right with this being the peak of Summer vacation. Dad failed to take my advice(instructions really) which caused a brutal low of 38 yesterday right after swimming. Maddison needs 15-25 carbs for every half hour to hour of swimming. He thought Maddison going in at a higher 243 was going to keep her from dropping without extra carbs. I guess he feels he knows best. Sometimes he does. BUT, I am the logging queen, the pattern tracker and the basal adjuster. I have earned the title of "mom pancreas" :) I usually know what works, what doesn't and I STUDY this disease daily. I read everything. I know the logic (science really) behind what your body is doing through exercise, stress, illness, ketones, weather changes, excitement......Dad learns from what I teach him. He doesn't put in the additional time in knowing Diabetes and it's tricky ways. This management is alot of hard work, Dad has no idea the extra time and effort I make every day to look over numbers and make sure we are right where we need to be. Most families have one parent that gives 110% and nights like last night I feel I have defeated this demon. It was me. Not the pump. Not our Endo team. Just me. Mom who always knows best right? LOL.......I'm very proud of my efforts today. Most days I can't say that. Total victory, even if just for one night.

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