Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Highs for all!!

Maddison is running very high (200-280's) since pink eye last week. She has yet to hit even mid 100 range. I am running high, who the hell knows why. I thought about bad insulin. Changed Maddison's site that left her screaming in pain the day before. She dropped to 101 at one point around midnight last night. Then up, up, up!!

I was watching for basal's that need to be adjusted so I didn't correct until she hit 240 at 3am. So for the record, she was checked at 11pm, midnight, 2am, 3am, 430am and 630am. I was literally falling asleep on the way to work with my own crappy blood sugar at 170!!! What the hell?! Thats even after 3 miles on the treadmill this morning! I suppose it didnt help that the time on my alarm clock said 5am when I got up......I made my coffee, bolused for half to jump on the treadmill, looked at the clock (the kitchen clock) and it was really only 4am!!! GOSH DANG IT! So, I drank my coffee (because I had to) and went back to bed for an hour. No wonder I feel like crap. I never have these kind of numbers and it is really darkening my outlook on things these days! I hate feeling this way. I feel so confused, angry, CONTROLLED, intimidated. It really sucks. I haven't felt this way in a long time.

I am seeing some serious basal changes coming our way, perhaps for us both at the same time! The problem is there is only 2weeks of school left. Just when I get them set right school will end and everything will change. May is going to be a bitch of a month, I can already tell. Where did my optimism go by the way? Even worse, my Endo Appointment is on the 16th and now my awaiting A1c must be all screwed up from running higher!! I haven't logged my numbers -ever- because I have never needed to, (my last A1c was 6.2!!) and I am sure my control freak Endo is going to chew me out for not faxing my numbers as required each month. GREAT. I might flip out on her if she nags at me this time. This is not the time to listen to her trying to give ME advice. I think I need some time away from this disease x's 2. Hmm, not gonna happen.

I called the school nurse this morning to see if Maddison came in FINALLY at a better number.....NOPE! 297. Yesterday she came in at 328!!! She came home at 242!! WHAT!? The nurse just called.....Maddison is now 321 going into lunch!! AHHHHHH......I am going to pick her up instead of having them chase these numbers all day. I will make some adjustments NOW! This makes me realize how good we had it for a few months there. I would rather myself be that high than her. I'm about to pass out and fall asleep in the 170's and she is running around playing and smiling at 300!! Our kids are amazing. Now where do I start adjusting now?

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