Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Testing, School... and my furry "D"

I finally got my ACTH test over with today! It was a piece of cake! My biggest worry of course was fasting since I recently started Apidra and have had numbers all over the place. Well, yesterday I said GOOD RIDDANCE to the Apidra and went back on my beloved Novolog. Apidra just isnt for me. Too many lows right after eating and highs after the 2nd hour. Who wants to screw around with adjusting a new insulin when Novolog works miracles for me!?

I woke up at 113 this morning then checked my sugars every hour until the ACTH test was done. I saw 118, 116, 114, and 101 staring back on my meter screen :) YAY! The injected cortisol didnt screw with my numbers! It did however, make me nauseated. And, my Nurse was a chatter box which gave me a headache. BUT, she knew I was DYING for my morning coffee so she gave me a to go cup of coffee RIGHT AFTER TESTING!! I also learned her sister was T1 dx at age 12, so it was nice to know she KINDA understood my worries of going low during testing. Bad news is, I also heard all about her sisters D complications and struggles with severe lows!! :(

School. UGH. Maddison's numbers are starting to go a bit bonkers at school. Maybe I decreased her bolus by too much today (-.2) because of yesterdays 58 just 1.5hrs after breakfast. Today she was 231 for her first check, then 213....good by lunch time and great the remainder of the day. UNTIL after dinner when she crashed. Now she's sleeping with the CGM blaring alarms for a 268 with one up arrow. FABULOUS. Here we go....back are the sleepless nights of highs and chasing school numbers!!

My furry "D"

From Foster Bird

Diego or "D" our Golden, is looking older everyday. He'll be 9 in December and we have had him since he was 6wks old. He drives us BONKERS because he is OBSESSED with playing ball. The other day I found 2 golf ball size masses on his neck in his Lymph node area. They werent there a week ago. Infection? Maybe Diabetes? He's lost a ton of weight although he drinks and eats like crazy. Diabetes would be easy....but Im pretty darn sure he has Lymphoma. Needless to say, Im devastated. I already mentioned to the kids that things dont look good. Then, today I caught his eyes in the light. He has blood pooling (internally) inside the bottom of both eyes. Thats known as Hyphema, and shows up when other things systemically are not good. So, tomorrow Im taking Diego in to see the vet, even though he seems perfectly fine in every other way. He still played ball all day today and enjoyed his evening walk. Maybe Im wrong. I'm hoping Im wrong. I know in my heart that Im right. My poor Diego. My kids will be devastated, I already am.

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