Thursday, August 12, 2010

The storm

When it rains, it pours. In fact, I was thinking the other day how this entire year has been like a monsoon for our family. Rain, rain, rain. We literally rang in the new year fighting for my Dads life in ICU. I really expected and hoped the rest of the year would turn around. So far its been nothing but frustrating and overwhelming in SO many different ways.

Today my Thyroid Ultrasound results came back. Not so good. I still have multi-nodules, but this time one particular mass is questionable, especially because I am now leaning towards Hyperthyroid. I see a Surgeon for consult on Tuesday. I'm actually not worried about the result of the biopsy itself since thyroid nodules are so common. Im more worried about the darn anesthesia! I never recover well from surgery, and I certainly dont look forward to adding a new (HIGHLY VISABLE) scar to my ever growing surgical collection!

Nothing back yet on my ACTH test, which is fine with me because I already think I know what the result is. I dont need anymore heart ache right now anyway. Dr D said it usually takes about a week to get those results, so, we wait.

Today Diego's Vet appointment was unfortunaetly exactly what I feared. I mentioned Lymphoma to the Vet and she said that is exactly what she would suspect. She tried to sound hopeful, but she ended up saying "Im so sorry" nearly 10 times before the exam was finished. She knows as well as I do. She just cant say it until the lab work comes back. I understand that.

It could be that Diego has Valley Fever or some infection, but its highly unlikely. Once Lymphoma has spread to every Lymph node (which the exam showed it has) it is considered stage 5 with a prognosis of 2 months at best. -Sigh- You just dont believe it when he is so seemingly fine! Denial anyone? When we were leaving the vets office she brought me information on K9 Lymphoma. Enough said. Tomorrow they will call with his blood work results. And then, we will have to make a the toughest decision.......
From Chasing Numbers
Hannah and Diego in 2006

The good news of the day? HANNAH MADE THE JV VOLLEYBALL TEAM AT SCHOOL!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Always a silver lining when all you see is darkness :)


Wendy said...



I'm speechless. I want to cry.

Just know that I'm hugging you close right now, my dear friend.

Gemroy Fuentes said...

Hi! Kelly. I'm so happy I stumbled upon your D blog, I have added your blog on my link list. Would you mind adding me as well? Thanks! Have a nice day.