Monday, August 2, 2010

Reminder. Back to school with D

For the first time since Maddison's diagnosis in 2006, I feel comfortable....even READY to send her back to school this year. Maddison is so much older and responsible now, and we are very fortunate she has never had trouble sensing her lows like alot of people/children with Diabetes. Of course, my biggest comfort by far is our school Nurse who has cared for Maddison since day 1. I could never feel this level of comfort without her!

Then came a reminder. For just seconds it all flashed through my mind.

Today was time to gather the supplies Maddison will need in the Nurses office for the school year. Supplies Maddison needs to manage her Diabetes. Supplies that keep her safe, healthy.....ALIVE. Supplies that most parents don't have to gather for a new school year. Diabetes flashed through my mind, and then entered a twinge of anger and sadness...fear.....becuase in our life, we DO have to think about these things. Always. The emotions of Diabetes will slap you in the face when you least expect it. Even when you were just trying to get ready for a new school year.

Most days we forget the seriousness of this disease. We forget that our child is kept alive by a precious hormone that their body no longer makes. We forget that the insulin pump attached could fill with air bubbles blocking insulin from entering their body. Without insulin, blood sugar will rise. Without insulin, my child will die. Packing up school supplies.....a reminder.

Parents that have children with Diabetes are forced to set aside our fears. Day after day after day. We must move on past yesterdays scary lows and manage for today. We fight the highs. We track patterns. Every day is different. We can only do our best. Stay diligent. This all brings a bit of fear to life. We are only human. We are not a pancreas. Reminders. As parents we must stop the worry in our hearts for our children's future. We hide our worries of sudden death, kidney failure, blindness. We must send our "D" kids off into the world with faith that they will be safe from a medical emergency at any moment. Its hard. Back to school is TOUGH for all parents that have kids with special needs! Today, I was reminded.

So what does a T1 kid need at school?

Blood meter
Test strips
Alcohol swabs
Extra meter batteries
Control solution (to make sure the meter is working properly)
Pump supplies
extra pump batteries
Syringes for pump failures

Carb book
Instruction manual for Insulin Pump
Log book

Endless juice boxes
Glucose tablets for lows
Snacks for lows
GLUCAGON INJECTION FOR Low EMERGENCIES!! (seizures, loss of consciousness etc)
Glucose gel
More snacks for lows
Low carb/no carb snacks for highs
Endless water bottles for highs
Special no carb drink replacement for class parties
More snacks
More glucose tabs

Stress. Excitement. New sleep patterns. New waking times. New routines. It all changes Diabetes management. Growth spurts. Illness. Weather. Sitting at a desk all day. Running around the playground. Here comes the new school year. As much as I find comfort in my heart for this new school year, the reminders are always there.


Amy said...

Great, practical post Kelly!!! Thinking I might need to share this on my FB page if that's okay.

Marc said...

Such a long list for all the what ifs. I look forward to feeling a little more comfortable some day. Last year is was Dx then school... this year it's pump then school.... yikes!!!!

Hang in there!

Wendy said...

Up early today...504 meeting awaits me.

I'm just passing time (and palpitations) by catching up on blogs.

Ay yi yi.

Where did the time go??????

And where's our EFFING CURE????

Kelly said...

Thank you for this post. My daughter will be starting first grade, after only having two hours at kindergarten each day last year. The stress and worry about it all has been keeping me up at night...literally. The seriousness of the disease creeps back in as situations like this come up. it's at least comforting to read about others going through it as well.

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop? Huh. Never seen that before.

I'm in back to school mode right now. I'm not looking forward to starting new again.

Cobi said...

My 4 year old daughter is just in 2nd year of preschool right now but we just met her new teacher yesterday and planned a "before back to school" meeting with her because we are starting over with someone new. Instead of last year's 2 days a week trusting someone else to test her and have snack ON TIME, recognize and treat her lows appropriately (she doesn't feel them and they're really hard to "see") and be half as vigilant as I am, it will be three days this year. I SO related with the pushing back the fear on a daily basis line... *sigh* At least next year she'll go to her Daddy's school. That will bring some peace of mind...