Monday, August 16, 2010


Maddison had her 3 month Endo appointment today. I was surprised to hear her A1c was 6.9% since all summer I backed down from micromanaging. Summer was a long relief from chasing numbers, I seriously think summer is what maintains my sanity. School is back in session and numbers need ALOT of work. Day 1 Maddison was perfect. Day 2 she was low. Day 3 she was high, followed by day 4 of highs and day 5of lows. Gotta HATE Diabetes!

Last night I was up every hour correcting Maddison's crazy highs. Moderate ketones. Site change. Insulin change. Tummy aches. Large ketones. It was a Diabetes Hell night. The worry sets in. You start to feel panicky inside wondering if THIS is the time DKA will sneek in. Nothing I did would bring down those numbers, or rid the ketones. Not even an injection of some super fast acting Apidra. Somehow after 7am the ketones disappeared. Just like that. Tonight, Im just hoping for some sleep with numbers that behave!

Dr D mentioned she thinks Maddison needs to go Inpatient for a growth hormone evaluation, AFTER I get my own issues straightened out. -Sigh- Tomorrow I have my surgical consult. Im not looking forward to it! The we move on to Maddison's testing.....

Our furry Diego is losing his vision, a complication of the Lymphoma. He seems good otherwise, still wanting to chase his beloved tennis ball all day. The Vet gives him 1-4 weeks at most. :(


Cindy said...

Those transitions are seriously a pain in the rear, aren't they? Any change to the norm, and the numbers scatter in all directions! I hope things get settled down soon!

Big hugs over Diego. Pets are such wonderful friends! It's so hard when we lose them though. I hope his remaining time with you and your family is full of all the things dogs love!

Wendy said...

OMGsh, Kel.

I'm crying here. I want to do something. ANYTHING. I want to make this madness stop.

If there's know....

In the meantime, I will pray. Kelly, I will pray for your family, your peace, your sweet Diego.

Turn to Him, Kel. He will carry you through it...if you let Him.

CraftyLikeLindy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Diego
:( Also all the testing and craziness!