Sunday, August 8, 2010

KINKED! Apidra and CGM

Saturday evening when I changed my site, OUCH!! That one really hurt! I used the back/side of my love handles like I always do, so why do some sites just hurt and send shooting pains all over? WEIRD.

I also filled my pump with APIDRA insulin for the first time. We have very little Novolog left, and I'm saving that for Maddison. Im the Guinea Pig this time. Apridra is a fast acting insulin that starts to work quicker than Novolog and peaks much sooner, around the first hour. Im not so sure its going to work for me since I dont tend to "spike" after eating, and so far I've had ALOT of lows. I dont like being a Guinea Pig!

Back to Saturday evening....dinner was planned at my Moms BS was 104 when we left. I didnt bother to check my BS before eating, because Ive been in range all day the last month or so anyway. That was my first mistake.

After dinner I felt it. My eyes were burning and glossy. Thirst took over. I wanted to sleep. 386. HMMMMM....first I assumed I bolused the whole wheat pasta wrong on a square wave. Then I blamed the Apidra. I was sure Apidra just wasnt for me. I corrected. I rechecked 40 minutes later.....408. Ummmmmmmm....DUH! It must be a "bad site"!! I have never, ever had a "bad site" in 4 years of pumping. Ive had sites that dont work well, but never a "bad site" that was ruined right from insertion!

If this were Maddison that just ate 80c for dinner with a bad site and no basals for 2 hours she would be HI. As in, 700's, 800's.....who knows. I was lucky to be 408. I was UNLUCKY because I didnt have a spare pump set in my purse and Josh had left for a poker game! I was left at my moms with just syringes!! So, I injected 2u and thought I'd watch and see how "fast" this Apidra works. 40 minutes later I was 306. Thats pretty darn fast :)

Long story short, when I arrived home later that night and pulled out my "bad site" and it was entirely, completely KINKED in HALF. No insulin for nearly 5 hours (except the 2u correction) and I was still on my way down with some super duper fast acting APIDRA. WOW. Im impressed. AND, it looks like my broken pancreas still produces enough insulin to keep me safe, being that I never had ketones and never hit HI. Im not your average person with Diabetes, thats for sure. I think my next labs I might request a Cpeptide :)

The CGM.......Oh......Today Maddison cried. She hid. She refused to come out. She pleaded with me to not insert the CGM. Maddison has never even seen the needle! She just doesn't want to wear it. I know Maddison is playing with my mind. I know that she plays up "hating" the CGM simply because if she has a choice to wear it or not, she will 200% say NO! I cant blame her, and I dont doubt that sometimes that needle does HURT! I know the CGM is a nuisance when the tape itches. It is painful when you bump it. But tomorrow school starts and I NEED to see whats going on in that little body of hers!

The trends. The trends that the CGM shows is priceless. I can sleep a 3 hour stretch at night and simply scroll back through the hours and see exactly where Maddison starts to go high or low. Without a finger poke every hour. Without guessing. The school day? I can SEE on a graph exactly how her body responds to waking earlier, breakfast, and the first school bell of the year. Sitting at a desk all day. Anxiety. Excitement. Recess. As much as I HATE to force the CGM on Maddison, right now I vote for technology. I have to.

I know in my heart Maddison makes the CGM worse than it is. She really does. Its a power struggle. Maddison wants to have the voice to say she chooses NOT to wear the CGM. I understand that. BUT....when as a parent do you make the choice for them because you know best? If Maddison wanted to stop using the pump I would agree. **IF** she adjusted well to injections, I would surely do everything in my power to make injections work. If Maddison struggled with highs, lows, or extremes and failed to take injections with every carb eaten, then I AS THE PARENT would have to say the pump was a necessary part of her health. We have to.

Its hard. I feel guilty for Maddison's tears today. I dont want her to have to wear the CGM. Mom knows whats best. Right now, the CGM is best. Maddison and I made a deal.....As soon as I can make adjustments to her insulin for school days and maintain safe numbers she will not have to wear the CGM again until things go bonkers. I always try my damnest to avoid the CGM. She knows that. I hope some day she will actually understand why us parent do what we have to do. Until then, my heart aches for forcing this on her, yet at the same time I rejoice in the power of latest technolgy!

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