Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I don't like change!

The constant changing and fighting to keep up them is what is really the hardest part of Maddison's Diabetes for me. We can handle the shots, site changes, carb counting and correcting. We are at peace with the disease itself. We just have to deal with it, and we do so actually very well. I just don't like the constant changes I have to keep up with. When we have some good stable times I don't fret the highs and lows. They don't bother me then. But when the highs are persistent regardless of my diligence, I start to lose my sanity and I become very depressed for what Maddison is going through. I feel like I am hurting her, and in reality the high blood sugar is. If you think it isn't, you are lying to yourself. Maybe it bothers me so much because I understand what high/low feels like? -Sigh-

That was my double Diabetes thought for today....on a better note, yesterday I took Maddison to volunteer at the bird rescue. They asked Maddison to return just before dusk to pick up a Grey Horned Owl that was ready to be released! Maddison was soooo excited! We released him in a park area about a half mile from our house. The girls and their Dad ran after the owl to take pictures as he flew up high into the trees. They finally lost sight of him and he was F-R-E-E. What a great feeling. When we returned home HE WAS SITTING RIGHT ON TOP OF OUR ROOF!!!! How awesome and strange is that!!?? Of all the places to land he landed on OUR house!

I told Maddison he must have come to thank her. She worried about that owl all night. First thing this morning she went outside to check for signs that he had been near. Tonight she plans to find her binoculars and hide out in the bushes to watch for his return. What a blessing to have found this bird rescue. The director/owner is so kind and caring to Maddison. She spends time teaching her so much. She really wants Maddison to pursue her dreams of being just like her someday. I wish there was more I could do to show my appreciation for her. I think I will have to send her an email today......


Scott K. Johnson said...

What a special story - how neat is that!

Anonymous said...

I have written before about the CGMS, but your note about checking blood sugars in the night prompted me to write again. The CGMS provides data at five minute intervals throughout the day. It obviously helps with real-time management, but the main benefit we have experienced is through the greatly improved ability to fine-tune the pump settings. You upload all the data and it creates charts that make it easy to spot trends, patterns, etc. It is especially useful for nighttime management. You would be shocked at how much the blood sugar varies during the night. The once or twice spot checks a night are such a poor substitute for continuous information.
I know that your situation doesn't permit you to purchase a CGMS now, but I was thinking that perhaps your doctor has a loaner program. That is what we began with, and our success with that is what prompted us to bite the bullet and purchase. Even if you just got a week or two of data, that would help you get the pump settings much more in line with an artifical pancreas. The loaner program was Dextron. We bought the Medtronic CGMS because we had their pump, but you could contact either company and see if they can work something out with your doctor. Good luck.