Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Could it be?

Progress? Hmmmm.... I hate to speak too soon, but I am so completely deserving of a break from chasing numbers! Maddison's blood sugar has been "predictable" for 4 straight days. Even at school. Wow! I feel relieved just knowing that MAYBE we are making progress. 4 days of good numbers has me feeling refreshed and motivated. I'm ready to battle to stay here. Oh sweet sanity. I knew we would get here eventually, but every day of crappy numbers had me more and more drowning in a sea of being discouraged and confused. I seriously needed this break. Even if tomorrow is horrible for numbers, I will still feel relieved. Weird isn't it?

Maddison is doing much better in school. She lists her mood as happy in her daily log with the nurse. Her teacher reports that she is much more on task and finishing her work. Gee, I wonder why she is so much improved? Damn Diabetes. Did I mention how relieved I am today? :) Today after school Maddison went immediately to the backyard as she does every day. "Harlee" our 8 month old Golden Retriever brought her a gift. He was so proud. Out of his mouth plopped a little sparrow, all wet and scared to death. Did you know Golden's are bird dogs? With his soft mouth grip he didn't leave a mark on that little bird. I love that silly dog. So, Maddison saw this as an "emergency" and we rushed the bird to the Rescue where she volunteers. Turns out the little Sparrow had a dislocated "elbow" so the "bird lady" showed Maddison how to pop it back into place. And Whalla! Maddison again saves another little birds life. That is 9 so far this year. Since the Sparrow was nearly licked to death by Harlee, Maddison learned to place the bird into an incubator to warm him up. He was then dosed with some fluids and antibiotics and he should recover just fine.

I so appreciate the time and teaching that the "bird lady" gives to Maddison each time we visit or volunteer. She gives Maddison her undivided attention. She speaks so kindly and instills so much pride in Maddison for her efforts. I have a feeling she knows that Maddison will be just like her some day. Maddison really needs this kind of rewarding experience right now. All the hard times she has faced with back to school stress is finally fading into the background and being replaced with a peaceful new found confidence. Oh! I almost forgot to mention! At the Rescue today Maddison earned the title of "Release Specialist" granted by the bird lady herself!! She asked Maddison to be her bird release helper! I think this is her first official J-O-B!!!! Sure, Maddison already has many volunteering hours logged, but this makes a Resume! My eight year old officially has a J-O-B!! She is so proud, so are we! We actually did our first duck release a few weeks ago, so I guess Maddison already has some experience. She was asked to return this Saturday to release a few more. From today on, Maddison will always be called upon when the little birds are ready to spread their wings and fly back to freedom!

Could this be the answer to Maddison's motivation in school? We all know that Maddison has a long list of careers she is thinking about. An animal cop, dolphin trainer, vet, horse breeder, Dressage Olympic champion, bird sanctuary owner, police woman, "Animal planet TV show maker"......she is so funny. She has a long list indeed! I am hoping this really could be the shift to better, happier and less stressful days ahead. Dare I say good riddance to chasing numbers??!!


Wendy said...

YIPPEE!!!! FLY MADDISON, FLY!!!! I'm so happy to hear things are looking up. You have quite a special girl :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is an adorable story. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I wanted to provide some encouragement. My 14 y/o son has had diabetes for 10 years. He now has the CGMS that works with his Medtronic pump. It is THE killer ap that makes the pump worthwhile. It is stupidly expensive, but the information it provides is a game-changer. When it is widely available (hopefully not too far into the future), you will be shocked at how it changes EVERYTHING. Know hope.

momofcwd said...

Go Maddi! (And go mom, too!)
I'm glad things have turned the corner a bit, Kelly. I know that you really, really, really needed it!