Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Don't you hate the nights when a high catches you off guard? Do you just correct the high or change the entire site? I always correct and see what happens first since we don't typically have sites that go bad. Lately of course I am seeing some sites go bad after 2 days.....pump manufacturers really need to figure out a way to KNOW if a site goes bad. It can't be that hard can it? Maddison went to bed at a good 140 so I felt safe missing her midnight check since her BS has been stable overnight. At 2am she was 269 which called for a .6 correction. Normally a correction like this in the wee hours of morning has her waking up perfectly in rage, but by 5am she was higher at 288. Ketones were 1.4 and it was obvious to pull the site since we are nearly at day 3. Let's hope it is just the site and not an impending illness!

Maddison was of course starving by the time the breakfast hour came around. She was now 322 even after a site change and correction an hour prior. So a huge pre-bolus was needed to get her breakfast in her before school without having her hit the 400-500's! We waited and waited, finally after an hour she was 240 and I decided she better eat before her pre-bolus catches up and she plummets. Set a temp basal increase, Ketones now at .2 and I sent her off to school praying she won't crash and hoping she isn't high either. On my way to work and I was exhausted already. -Sigh- A day in the life of Diabetes. Let's hope I don't hear from the school nurse today. No news is good news.

I'm wearing my pump site on my arm today which I have only done a few times before. Remember the crazy old lady I work with? Well, she notices and says to me " Oh, you have to wear your pump today, are you having a hard time with your blood sugar?" That one really threw me off, what the heck does this lady think? I know, I know....I can't expect people to understand. But WOW. Some people really have no idea! So, this co-worker is past retirement age which is probably part of why she is clueless to Diabetes. She is stuck in Diabetes old school land. I don't have enough time in my day to stand around and clue her in. Today I just don't care about educating her. She talks way to much to everyone at work about her Hypoglycemia and borderline Type 2 diagnosis and I just can't stand to hear people ramble on when they aren't educated. She often likes to mention how strange it is that "my older daughter doesn't have Diabetes and my younger one does" Gee, thanks for the reminder! She asked some very strange questions.....

"Can Maddison play on the playground at school with her pump?"
"Do you have a meter and all that to check your blood sugars?"
"You do know she won't outgrow hers, right?"

Hmmmm.....I think this year I will go ahead and hand out my "what you don't know about Type 1 Diabetes" papers for Nov 14th Diabetes Awareness day!If I pass them around the office maybe she will stop saying silly things. I don't think I will ever understand why people THINK they know anything about a disease they don't have, and I wish they would stop pretending they do.


Anonymous said...

Loved it Kelly! i have come accross so many people like the lady you work with! i think your idea about handing out the paper is great! Hope that Maddison does alright at school today!

Wendy said...

OH only have to wear your pump on "bad" days. Why didn't someone tell me that???

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wowsers - sounds like that lady is a real test of one's patience!

Lynnea said...

I've been contemplating a post lately about this exact same people should really be quiet if they don't know squat about a persons issues.

The one that gets me is "Oh, yeah I know all about diabetes. My grandma has it." I could scream!! Well, I'll write a blog eventually about I'll not vent here. But loved this post!