Monday, October 27, 2008

A great weekend

Friday evening Hannah had a birthday party to attend for one of her best friends. I'm realizing I will have to finally admit to myself that these parties aren't just a bunch of girlfriends giggling and staying up all night. Hannah is nearing age 12 a little too quickly for my liking. Parties are now including boys which isn't the part that gets me, it is the fact that REAL boyfriends are included in the celebrations. So Maddison and I decided to have a game night and then we headed outside at Sunset to watch for her Owl friend, and sure enough! We did see an Owl fly by! Later I needed some ME time as well, so I enjoyed a bottle of wine with some friends and enjoyed the cool AZ weather.

Saturday we planned a few hours to sell Root Beer Floats outside a local grocery store to benefit JDRF. Our 2008 walk is approaching this weekend so it was a good chance to raise some money and awareness for Type 1. It was enlightening to see the generosity of strangers that were sucked in by all our cute kids smiling faces! The kids had a ton of fun and we raised about $200. Not to bad! Initially I was under the impression that we were just going along to help the grocery store sell the floats as they do every year before the JDRF walk. I quickly realized when we got there that it was all ME! Thank goodness for some families from our support group that planned to come along. Without them I couldn't have done it myself, so thanks again guys! We came back to our house for dinner with the group afterwards, followed by some TOO yummy Smores around the fire outback. We played some games....the kids ran around wild on a sugar high, so all in all it was my perfect idea of a Saturday. A much needed one I must say.

Sunday we realized that we hadn't gone to the pumpkin festival and this was the last weekend before Halloween! We haven't missed a year yet since Hannah was born so we made a quick trip to a small family farm festival which just happens to be much closer than the Festival we usually spend the day at. We even got to bring Josh's Grandmother along. Halloween was her late husbands favorite holiday. Every year he loved passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters.
I imagine this Halloween will be very hard for Grandma since just 8 weeks ago her husband of over 50 years passed away. I know we will always think of him most on Halloween, and I am sure she will too. I am hopeful to help her avoid total heartache this Halloween by keeping her busy. Friday on Halloween I am thinking she would like to attend the Fall Festival at our school. Josh will have the day off so I would like them to both go and help Maddison's class with the festivities. It should be alot of fun for all of them and it helps having a parent there to dose for all the crazy treats they will have!

Next weekend is already planned and will surely be as fun filled as this weekend past! We have the newspaper article coming out about Maddison and Halloween this week which should be pretty cool. So here's to a family filled, relaxing and fun weekend!-Cheers-

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Wendy said...

I'm so bummed that we couldn't make it for Root Beer Floats!!! Jason was in class and I was working the GOURD BOWLING booth at our neighborhood Fall Festival when you called...