Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My diagnosis of CRS and Summer plans!

CRS is my inside joke with a co-worker that abbreviates my newest extreme ailment. Can't Remember Shit. Thats me! My memory has gotten so bad that I am going to see my family doctor. Of course I have been having other issues such as a relapse of depression, headaches, fatigue and totally being unmotivated to do anything but eat. I have always been estrogen dominant. Maybe thats it. Maybe it is a weird female thing. Maybe I need an increase dose of my Celexa. Maybe the fact that I haven't hit the treadmill in 3 weeks is causing my CRS. I don't know. But, I do know that it is really almost embarrassing at this point. I have made some really stupid errors like giving myself insulin and forgetting to eat. Double dosing myself. Losing EVERYTHING, forgetting phone numbers, like my own! Forgetting where I am going when I get in the car. Forgetting where my car is. Everything is forgotten. Everything. I have made numerous work errors and I can't concentrate or stay awake at my desk. Or anywhere for that matter. Blood sugar 30 day average is 131 so that shouldn't be it. I am sure I am not low at these times either. I think my Thyroid has finally given up. Man, that would really suck.

Summer Plans!!

I decided after many anxious weeks that Hannah and Maddison will be staying home by themselves (Well, Dad is sleeping in the next room) on the 2 days that I work. They were just too bored to death at Grandma's house. I plan to work 6 hour days instead of 8 hours so I can get breakfast done without the added worry. That leaves just 4 hours for them to fend for themselves. Hannah suggested it. I refused the first 2 weeks, and now I realize they NEED the Independence and responsibility. I was so worried about Hannah having to manage Maddison's carbs, lows, highs and pump. But, with breakfast done by me, they should be fine until Josh wakes up. I can't believe I FINALLY am ok with this! I HATE to give "D" responsibility to anyone, especially a 7 and 11 year old. But Hannah does great. Maddison knows how she feels and Dad is there anyway.

So, I organized the movies so they can actually find one to watch. I brought out an art box for Maddison since she LOVES to make books. I bought her some math workbooks and educational computer games. Of course the girl LOVES to read books and we have a complete library thanks to Grandma. Maddison should be set. They have a daily to do list, and additional chores written on index cards that they can do to earn extra money if they are really bored. No going outside. Do not answer the door. No bickering, and play with the puppies!We shall see. If only we didn't have Diabetes to worry about. I think I can get Maddison micro managed during the day (when swimming isn't happening anyway!) as long as they don't snack alot. I think this will be good for them! Of course, I still feel a bit guilty and worried though, that's just me.

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