Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carefree weekend

Saturday after Hannah's early morning Volleyball game I decided we HAD to get out of the house, we had to get out of town. We have alot of upcoming stresses with Josh changing employers, which of course means insurance issues. We will have a lack of insurance coverage for 60 days, and with two with Diabetes in our house that is down right frightening. (I guess I should consider COBRA) So we dedided to take a much needed run from life and head up north to the mountains and enjoy our family before stress sets in.

We just got in the van without a certain plan. We have always wanted to visit the Montezuma Castle in Camp Verde. This was stop #1. Maddison just wanted to fish around in a lake or a stream catching tadpoles, crawfish and minnows all day. So that is just what we set out to do. The kids were so excited and happily chatting the entire way. Summer this year has been such a bore for them, they really needed and deserved this trip. Josh and I were able to discuss alot of things we have been avoiding to resolve. Even the drive itself for the conversation it allowed was enough to rekindle good family feelings. We enjoyed a completely carefree day down by a quiet creek in Strawberry, AZ. Maddison was in heaven. Hannah discovered that she loves to swing from the trees and splash down into the creek. We couldn't get her off that thing to leave!

Our family was revived, refreshed and relaxed. We didn't worry about Diabetes. I didn't stress about the lows (34!!) Maddison had the day before while swimming. I didn't worry about her ever changing basal rates at night that have me exhausted and irritated this week. We didn't stress about the upcoming financial burden of no insurance. We didn't worry about tomorrow. We just enjoyed the moment for the day. Here's to our carefree weekend, and feeling ready to conquer for today!

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