Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I was right and Insurance is just wrong

Of course I was right about my Thyroid! My labs this week show a quick progression downhill to requiring medication to treat Hypothyroidism. Great, add another medication to our ever growing medical costs. At least I know why I have no concentration or memory and why I am always cold and tired. Its nice to know I am not crazy and I really am grateful this is "only" my thyroid failing me.

I have always diagnosed myself before a lab report comes back. Endometriosis. Ovarian cysts. Thyroid mass. Gallbladder polyp. Heck, I knew years ahead of time that Diabetes was getting the best of me. Geez, you would think I am 80 years old with all the crappy health issues I've had. You would never know it by looking at me! I feel like I look pretty good considering my insides are apparently whacked. I was also pissed at myself to hear my A1c went up from 6.0% to 6.3%, but what can I expect when I have eaten anything that comes my way and haven't exercised in 2 months! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Hopefully starting thyroid medication in the near future will get me back on track.

I know I have no motivation lately, but I think I have been more depressed about our whole health care expenses that seem to take over lately. I'm tired of battling insurance companies to receive payment for pump supplies. I am tired of explaining what each supply is to get coverage from our Medical savings plan. I'm sickened over our dental expenses right now. As soon as we pay off everything, the medical and dental bills appear in abundance. Josh is switching jobs and we won't have health insurance for 60 days. SCARY. Mostly, chasing numbers in Maddison is depressing. I'm just tired of this summer chaos. Summer sucks for Diabetes in a child. We have adrenaline highs 2-3 hours after swimming that I still haven't found the right correction dose for. We have lows 10-12 hours later which means around 2-8 am. That means I'm up many times a night waiting for weirdness and unexpected things to pop up. Yep, another post that is just a bummer. What a bummer. I expected to be at a better place right now. Soon, I know we will be. Until then I guess I'll just vent my bummer posts and move on as always.

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Anonymous said...

Things will start getting better, they always do! I didn't know Josh was getting a new job? Just think summer is almost over already, try to enjoy what's left of it.