Thursday, June 2, 2011

Travel Size Excitement

This evening Maddison couldnt wait any longer. She has been asking me EVERY day for the last week if she can start packing for camp. So, we set out with a list and had some girl time. First stop was Starbucks of course! These girls gotta have their Green and Passion Fruit Teas for shopping!

Silly socks. CHECK
Silly hat. CHECK
Sports shirt. CHECK
Dress for the "dance." CHECK
Address book for new friends! CHECK
PJ's for PJ breakfast day, CHECK
Flash light. Check
Sunscreen. Check
Canteen. CHECK
Sunglasses. Check
New sleeping bag. CHECK
Travel shampoo. Check
Travel Soaps. Check. Maddi's favorite thing!

We made our shopping trip today ALL FOR MADDIE. She was the girl of the day. Lots of chit chat. Some serious talk. And lots of laughter. It was obvious today that Maddison is maturing at lightening speed. 11 in August!? Today Maddison passed up the cutsie little girl styles of puppy dogs and frogs for the more TWEEN looking items. some sad moments of realization for me. -GASP- But ya know what? I'm excited for the girl she is becoming. This whole camp thing is surely looking to be a great "letting go" experience for ME as much as it is for her........but you will still find me crying my eyes out come Saturday!!! And who the hell says Diabetes camp should be SEVEN days anyway!!?? Letting go is hard enough without this damned disease!

I can feel her excitement. You can see it in her eyes. In her smile. IM EXCITED TOO!!! ME!!?? ME? ***I*** can say Im excited instead of terrified? Seven days away at camp and I can say Im excited for her? WOW. I never, ever thought I could feel anything but terrified sending Maddison away. One night sleep overs can be "scary" enough, but SEVEN days without my Maddison? Seven days without even knowing what her blood sugars are doing?

Now, if I could only get someone to take over my own Diabetes for the next seven days I'll REALLY get a "break." :) Do I see this camp thing as a "break" like everyone says it is? NOPE. Not at all.

The seven days that Maddison is away will be the longest days of my life. I will likely think about her even more than I already do, and likely still wake up at midnight and 3am wondering what her number is. I'm sure I will be wondering if someone at camp caught a low.....or a site gone bad. -Sigh- A break? Not so much. Physically maybe, but mentally? Definetly not.

So, it is true. Saturday morning my Maddison is going to camp. For SEVEN days. I still cant believe it, and I'm SO excited for her. Of course, who knows how I will feel by the time Saturday rolls around!


Reyna said...

Awww...wishing her a wonderful camp experience and I hope that you don't worry about her too much Kelly. I know, easier said than done, right?

Andrea said...

You beat me to the punch! This post has been floating around inside my head for a week now! I am so not ready for my son to go away to camp in July. 7 days of JUST NOT KNOWING! I am putting on such a brave face, because unlike Maddie, he is very apprehensive right now. I wish her all of the fun next week and if I could, I would send you a TON of kleenex! We know everything will be fine, but it's that letting go part. Why do we have to so soon???? Good luck Mama!!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

How fun! Bean leaves on the 26th and I know it will be here before I know it. She would have started packing in October if I had let her!!
Need to find out if there are any 'special' events that I need to prepare for.....

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I could feel Maddison's excitement jumping out of this post! I'm sure she'll have a blast. :)

Jack will go to camp next summer, and I'm sure I'll feel the same as you. My husband looks at it as a break from D, but I know I will be thinking of Jack constantly. A whole week without my little guy and without knowing exactly how he's doing?! I'm going to go nuts!!!! Nonetheless, I'll be happy for him!!! :)

I could also relate to the whole tween twist, too. Madeline is a full-fledged tween now. Where did my little girl go?!

Happy camping to Maddie!!!