Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turbo Charged

By far the thing I hate most about having Diabetes is when insulin becomes turbo charged. "Turbo charged" happens when you have active insulin from a food or correction bolus and then you decide to do some kind of unexpected exercise, go shopping, clean house, do yard work or even just go for walk. In the mornings I cannot have a drop of "active insulin" during my workout or I will go low and stay low, which is why I pretty much have to roll out of bed and onto the treadmill. WITHOUT my morning coffee. UGH. Sometimes, it really irritates me that I have to "plan" everything around "active insulin." Sure, I get to enjoy my coffee AFTER my workout.....but SHEESH!

I can decrease basals, bolus half the carbs. If I do ANYTHING super busy with "active insulin" I will still go low. I despise having to eat more food in order to do what I want to do, when I want to do it!!

Trying to hike lately has been a bitch. Today I was 238 with .3 active after dinner. I intentionally bolused about 20c less than I should have when I ate so I could hike without going low. Within 10 minutes of hiking I was 94. I sucked down 15c of Gatorade while cursing to myself that I hate this damn disease. Im just trying to hike a damn mountain! GEEEEZZZZZ!!! So, now I feel like crap. I have no energy. I eat an apple while continuing up. (Im sure people thought I was a weirdo hiking and eating) My legs are like jello. I eat a protein bar. Then more gatorade, followed by a pack of skittles. Temp basal decrease. I want to SCREAM because I am NOT hungry and I dont want to eat!! I just want to HIKE and my body isnt co-operating!!! So I have to sit. While people zoom by me. Which makes me jealous. Which makes me feel totally guilty for feeling jealous. -Sigh-

50c later and zero active Im 178. Now I feel like a bloated cow from eating all this extra crap, and Im just totally pissed. I hike the mountain irritated the whole way, disgusted that my body deceives me like this. In the end Im 94. Still with a temp basal, I end up too low at 62 within a few hours. This happens to me ALL the time!! Washing the car, doing the yard work, cleaning doesnt matter how I plan or what I consume, if I have any active insulin and I decide to be active it becomes turbo charged and I go low. And stay low. BUT, If I start these things with ZERO active insulin I will be fine. FINE! Thats what you call activity induced TURBO CHARGED insulin.

And its REALLY ticking me off lately.


Wendy said...

Hate the turbo :(

I'm sorry it ruined your hike today!!!!

Are you using Apidra? Just curious.

Reyna said...

What a wonderful way to describe the IOB + activity. I find the EXACT.SAME.THING with Joe's morning bolus. If he even has a little bit of insulin and plays hockey I am trying to put the brakes on the crash with Juice and Starbursts. UGH.

The hike sounds fabulous. Good for you for getting out there and doing all that you do inspite of the extra work Kelly. You are inspiring.

Meri said...

Thanks for the enlightenment about the turbo charge phenomenon. I'm sorry that active insulin bites you in the butt! I hope that in time, it won't always be the case for you!


pearlsa said...

Turbo Charged Insulin is a great name for the process. I hate it when it happens but had never found the right name for it.

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

UGH! What a total pain. That has to be maddening!

Anonymous said...

tell me about it, even doing the dishes after dinner turbo charges my insulin. GRRRRR.


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