Monday, June 20, 2011

Damn Medical Expenses

Last week I took our Golden Retriever in to the Vet to see about a growth she has on her ear. (she is only 4yrs old!!) Apparently when it comes to ANYTHING medical in this house, the cost ends up exceeding $1000 in just one shot. Even for a pet. What the hell does this have to do with Diabetes? Well, just a few minutes after getting a big fat estimate of $800-$1200 for the Dogs surgery, I got a call from Medtronic. It was the straw that broke the Camels back.

I was pissed. PISSED OFF! TIRED OF MEDICAL EXPENSES RUNNING OUR LIFE!!!! Tears began to fill my eyes as the Medtronic Benefits Rep clued me in on "our cost" for TWO new insulin pumps. I really didn't need to hear it at that moment, I still had dollar signs floating around in my brain after hearing the Vet estimate of $1000 for surgery and a likely cancer diagnosis for my beloved Golden Roxxie. I should have told the Medtronic Rep that it was a bad time and I would have to call them back. But I didn't. So the result was a silent tearful meltdown right then and there.

I know exactly what our medical insurance covers. I know it left to right, front to back, even with all the tiny details that aren't disclosed in the coverage book. (Thanks to my day job) I know that our DME coverage is only 60%, yet somehow I imagined our expense for each pump would somehow miraculously come back at a reasonable amount. I guess denial really tricks you. Our pump warranties were up just a few weeks ago, and although both are working fine, it would be nice to just go ahead and order a new one. But, thats not gonna happen. Maddison's individual deductible is only met at 40% to date, so her new insulin pump would cost us only $1400. Mine however, would cost $1700 because I havent had any expenses applied to my deductible yet for this year. (which doesnt make sense and I need to investigate) $3100 for insulin pumps? Sure, let me just pick that off my money tree right? Damn never ending medical expenses!

Here is the part where I start to bitch...I'm still paying on my thyroid surgery from last year, AND deductibles for pump supplies from February! Not to mention monthly payments on a Vet bill from January when our silly poodle ended up with a stomach obstruction. And now, our Golden needs surgery. And she likely has cancer. And I STILL cant afford to even schedule my own over due Hysterectomy! -Gasp-

So, today I'm feeling bitter. Tired of it. Overwhelmed. Feeling hopeless and helpless, buried in endless medical expenses. This is just ridiculous. We pay up the a$$ for shitty insurance that doesn't cover even the typical percentages that most policies cover. It's sickening.

The bright side? Medtronic offers to set up a payment plan for both pumps. At less than $100 per month, (For 30 months!!!) it is totally affordable....but that's not the point. The point is, today I just want to say employer group coverage can kiss my a$$. Sure, we have coverage which is more than alot of families out there can say....but this coverage still sucks and it still breaks the bank and leaves us swimming in medical debt. Where can you find a REAL pet insurance policy anyway?

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Cosmo Mom said...

I hear ya on the Medical stuff. It never seems to end. I'm lucky our insulin pump ended up being covered 100%. We DID have a scary bill show up a YEAR later wanting 2,000 because "they were given wrong information" BULL LARKY I say! Should do a better job at checking covered benefits. Our insurance only covered half of all DME.. but luckily our medical group saw Pump and pump supplies as medical not a DME PHEWPH!

But on another note, I have a Golden TOO!! His name is cash and he's 3. One more thing we have in common! I hope your goldie will be okay. pet expense's are the worst.. and i SWEAR the vets gouge us! I have heard of some organizations that do surgery's and stuff and they are cheaper and you help pay off some of the debt by volunteering.. maybe there is something like that around you??