Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flashback Friday

Ive been in an icky frame of mind lately, but the grey clouds are clearing. Slowly. Summer stress is unique, a whole new set of rules and craziness. A different schedule every day means Diabetes is whatever, whenever. Mostly doing alright, but not enough wrong in any pattern to change anything. I blame poor eating habits (making quick meals on the go) for any odd numbers lately. Oh, and its 110 degrees today people! If that doesn't take the kick out of a good reservoir of insulin I dont know what does!

Its flashback Friday! Today I'm reflecting back on the sweet days of summer spent by the pool, remembering what little fishies both my girls were from the tiny age of 3. Man I miss my little girls! Hannah always had the prettiest golden hair as a result of hours by the pool, and Maddison had the most beautiful skin tone, really! She should have competed for Little Ms. Hawaiian Tropics! Time to share some of my favorite Summer photos from years past (too bad most photos are in other broken down computers!)

Happy Friday! We will be at the 2011 Volleyball Festival ALL weekend! Go team BLAZE!

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Reyna said...

Aww...those were great Kelly. AND...110?! YIKES. I cannot even imagine. Stay cool.