Friday, August 22, 2008

8 tomorrow!

Maddison will be 8 years old tomorrow!! What happened to the chubby baby I never wanted to put down? The little girl that zoomed around the house right by my side, giggling and enlightening every minute of my day? I'm the mom that never wanted her babies to be toddlers. Then I loved the toddlers so much I didn't want to send them to school.I could have had many more kids for the shear enjoyment of watching them play and learn all day. I could never have enough time with my little girls!

Maddison has become an amazingly resilient and caring person. She is remarkably generous and giving to her sister. Always. She always comments on feeling bad for others disabilities or short comings in life. She is very understanding, even when she is disappointed you will hear her saying "That's okay." But... she is a little monster when she isn't ready to come in from playing outside or leave her friends house! She is stubborn (like me!) and will always try to persuade you into her way or the highway. Gotta love kids! Maddison never complains about feeling sick when you know she feels horrible. (unless she is trying to stay home from school!) She told me the other day that she doesn't belong at school....she belongs "outside" all day. She is very optimistic, easy-going, and relaxed. Wow, she is alot like me! (I wish I had her optimism!)

Maddison is so excited for her birthday party on Sunday. We are having the owner of "Fallen Feathers Bird Rescue" (where she volunteers) come and do a kids presentation about native birds from Arizona. She will bring some feathered friends and talk about her organization's purpose and all that good stuff. I am sure some of the kids won't be too interested, but birds (why birds?!) are Maddison's passion. It was a perfect party plan just for her liking! Of course the kids will swim, play games and all that other party stuff.

We are having family over for her birthday dinner on Saturday evening. I think it is very important to separate and enjoy our family with our own "family birthday dinner night" so we actually have time to spend together without a million party kids running around. I am looking forward to a relaxed and wild weekend. I am hoping to forget my weeks frustrations by the company of family and friends. Maddison is still set on a temporary 150% basal increase but her numbers have been in range finally thanks to a few other ratio changes.

I just got a call from the school nurse, for the FIRST TIME at school since starting two weeks ago Maddison was in range at recess! She was 90....happy it is Friday, and going in for IEP "testing" What a relief! I am praying that she doesn't start lows now that she is recovering from her cold! Please not on her birthday weekend! I guess if the lows happen this weekend she gets extra birthday cake!

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Kris said...

Don't you wish we could keep them little forever? They grow up way too fast.

I hope she has a very Happy Birthday!!! The bird presentation sounds really cool!