Monday, August 18, 2008

Poor girl

Maddison stayed home from school today with a terrible sore throat, hacking cough and slight fever. She is just miserable. I was hoping she wouldn't get sick the first few weeks back to school! She started out last night and woke up this morning with good blood sugar. She slept in until 11am coughing the entire time. Then her blood sugar hit the 350's and has steadily stayed there despite increased basal rates for her illness. She has some minor ketones, lets hope it stays minor. Poor dear. Being high and sick just isn't fair.

She is now crying miserably because I wont let her play with her friends. She insists she feels fine, but my rule is if you stay home from school you dont play with your friends. I started this rule as a way to get her to stop playing sick in 1st grade. She would play deathly ill for the few hours she stayed home from school, then she popped right up around noon and played happily all day. Boy was she a crying mess by the time she realized staying home from school meant no friends after school! So, it works well..... but then I have to listen to her pity party and crying miserably. Poor girl.

Tomorrow I will send her to school (if there isn't the fever) and I am sure the school nurse will be calling me about her cough. I had the same hacking cough for 3 weeks. I felt fine besides the sore abs from coughing my ovaries out and headache that it caused. I think tomorrow Maddison will feel better too. She is to begin testing and has a meeting with the guidance counselor as well. Thursday we already have early release, and Maddison has her yearly Endo appointment that morning so she wont even be in school again that day. I am cringing to think what Maddison's a1c will come back at. I will probably have a mental breakdown when I hear the result. Her last A1c in April was 6.8% (they want kids around 7-8%) and I had high hopes for the same range. There is no way it is still that good with summer craziness and school highs. 6.8% is very good for a child her age, but moms always want better. It is never good enough. So, I am spending time brain washing myself into believeing I have done the best I can lately. Wish us luck!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Poor girl is right! And poor mom for having to listen to the pity party!

Hope she's feeling better soon.