Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Too easy? It never lasts.....

Well today was day 2 of back to school. Yesterday I mentioned it seemed "too easy" that Maddison didn't fight going, and her numbers were decent all day. Apparently I was right, "too easy" didn't last! Ahhhhhh!

Maddison cried before bed. She expressed her "I hate school" feelings until she finally fell asleep in tears. Yes, she was higher most of the night again too because her emotions ran wild. She woke up the same way. She looked horrible. What a sad scowl on her face. She whined and cried the entire hour getting ready for school. Not only about school of course, but she also let it be known that her shoes were too tight, her new shirt was itchy and too long, her milk tasted funny and she hates her hair, LOL. It wasn't funny at the time, but wow! She was mad at anything she could think of! Poor Hannah had to listen to it before school. I just let Maddison vent and I tried my best to sympathize and listen. I do understand, but I also know she likes to play me. Kids always give the greatest wrath to moms don't they? That is what we do. We harbor their fears and let them vent so they can move on. I emailed her teacher with a warning, and she replied that Maddison seems fine. I know she is, but I also know she really does despise being in a classroom all day. She is just like me when I was her age. Once we get her tested to determine where the learning issues lie we can better her attitude towards learning. It will be a long hard road, but we will get there. I'm just happy that we are FINALLY moving forward to separate fluctuating blood sugar issues from learning issues. Today she was 210-260's all day until she came home! What the heck??!! That can't be good for feeling your best! I guess it is a sad fact that we have both learning issues and Diabetes issues. As if Diabetes wasn't hard enough to manage. I can handle the Diabetes, but I am not any type of teacher. I have no idea what to do with learning issues!

Now Maddison is happily playing with her neighborhood buddy. They are like two peas in a pod. They like all the same things. They get along great. I wish at school Maddison was the happy Maddison that I know best. At home she is herself. She is full of happiness and excited over the little things. She is confident and proud, and it shows. Our next step is getting the "real" Maddison to class every day!

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