Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I hate computers. As much as I am addicted to the internet, I hate computers! I am completely computer dumb when it comes to trying to troubleshoot them. My laptop is having "driver" issues and refuses to connect to the internet. The computer in Hannah's room appears to have crashed entirely affected by a virus. It shuts down out of the blue repeatedly and won't read the USB cable to upload pictures! I have been waiting to update my blog from my last post with pictures from Maddison's Birthday party which was great by the way! So for now, I don't have pictures to post from the party. I will just have to suck it up and take both the damn computers in. Boy, was I so mad at those computers the other day.... Maddison finally told me to "chill out" and that I was making HER mad just from listening to me scream at them. Computers are right up there with Diabetes as far as being frustrating!

Maddison is FINALLY doing great overnight but needs some minor basal changes somewhere around 7pm. I think I have that figured out after last nights lows though. Hallelujiah! I was starting to feel completely incapable of figureing out anything. If the basal's aren't right, NOTHING will be right thats for sure. She is still stuck with an increase of 150% for basal right now. Funny how illness kills off any reamining beta cells! We are working a bit with her ratio for breakfast and snack time at school. She was having some lows after I adjusted those for highs...now she is having lows, go figure.

The other day Maddison told me that I "baby" her too much. I agree! She doesn't want me brushing her hair for her anymore. That's a hard one since I am hair freak and connot stand messy hair. But, I hear ya! Back off mom. It is just hair! My 8 year old is officially telling me to let go more and more. Got it, now if I can convince her she needs to sleep in her own bed we will be set.

Unfortunately Maddison isn't doing so well with her Diabetes responsibilites. She confessed to sneaking goldfish crackers several times before bed. That stems from me being a food naitze and cutting off eating after 6pm. (during the school week)I have to rethink that for a growing and hungry girl I guess. Maddison is also refusing to have anything to do with her pump. She won't bolus when I ask her to, so I am simply taking that over. She also wants me to do all her finger pokes. No big deal for now I guess. I will give her the break she is asking for. I know I would like someone to just pop in and manage my everything for a change. I guess I can't blame her there, but you can bet we will be working on figureing out why she feels this way right now. I am a huge believer in parents not expecting "too much" as far as self care when your young child has Diabetes. Very controversial, I know. Two words. Burn out. I don't want my 8yr old being burned out and I dont want her being irresponsible either. Fine line. Many years ahead. She has YEARS to do these things every day. Back to school stress I think is the main culprit. When things settle down we will work to get her back to where she should be.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

That is such a tough thing to find balance with (transitioning responsibilities to her). I can only imagine the conflicted energies you have with it.