Monday, August 11, 2008

First day in 2nd grade

Maddison couldn't sleep last night as I am sure most kids can't the day before school starts. I sure remember the sleepless night of anticipation before school starts. I'm thinking she actually was very nervous because she ran high all night. She was stuck in the 250's even with corrections at 9pm, 11:30pm and 2:30am. I was so relieved when she woke up at a nice 97 to start her first day.

She wasn't too happy about going to school today, but she didn't complain either. She was a great 123 at morning recess but remained much higher after morning snack even until lunch at 12:30. No lows, so that is a plus I guess. Now we wait a few days and see if she levels out or needs adjustments. She came home looking awfully tired and HOT. 107 today in AZ as a matter of fact. What a yucky temp to return to school with!

Hannah being in 7th grade this year is just happy as can be. I can't believe she is in 7th grade! Sheesh, they aren't kidding when they say time flies the older you get! Now Hannah and Maddison are grumpy and worn out from their day. They are starting to nag at each other and drive me crazy. It is obvious they are releasing todays chaos on each other. I sat in the front office about 20 minutes today watching the dismissal chaos unfold as I waited for Maddison. Man, I dont know how teachers do it those first few weeks!

So I am very optimistic about this school year. Our nurse has covered every new teacher and every concern I have had in years past. It was hard not to call and check in on Maddison's numbers all day, but I didn't call or even send a quick email! I was so proud of myself for resisting the nagging of "needing to know" where Maddison's blood sugar was. I survived the day without stressing out, and Maddison made it through the day without visiting the nurse with a million excuses to get out of class. Hooray! Now to see what the remainder of the week brings. It couldn't be this easy could it?

Maddison is tested for her IEP on Thursday and she asked me the other day when she would be. She was eager to "be allowed more time for tests" so that made me feel proud. She is a very smart girl, and she understands why we are seeking an IEP, and she completely agrees. I guess her first day in 2nd grade was a huge success, I hope I can say the same when the year is complete.

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