Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whirlwind of excitement

I haven't had the chance to post about our exciting news! Our family is donating one of our puppies to the JDRF Promise Ball Charity Auction. Our gift was accepted last week, a spur of the moment idea... and we have been preparing for the ball ever since. This is a black tie "Ball" with every detail imagineable. We were asked to attend the event this Saturday, so me being a very casual, shy person.....I am a bit anxious. I am not really nervous because this is for Diabetes, something true to my heart. But we are so excited!

We will be called on stage as a family as the first Live Auction promotion. We will be asked some simple things about our lives with Diabetes and how long we have been "keeping the promise" to help find a cure. They are impressed with our family because they don't often have Type 1 families donate to this "Elite" auction. So we are very honored to be considered a special family being Maddison and I both have Diabetes. Our timing just happened to be right with the puppies being born, so we are truely lucky to be able to make this donation! The puppies are still only 2 weeks old so the winning bidder will recieve a promise certificate and photo for 1st pick of a female from our litter of 8 puppies. JDRF sent out a photographer on Tuesday to have video and photos taken for playing while we are on stage promoting our puppy and speaking our story. We have been out all week buying our formal attire, Josh was fitted for his Tux, and I get to pamper myself tomorrow! I have an appointment for hair, nails and a pedicure.......I have NEVER had my nails done, or a pedicure! I always do those myself becuase I am too cheap! Not to mention I want to rip the nails off in a day or two :) So, we will be excited to post pictures here soon! I made an appointment for both the girls to get their hair and nails done before the event Saturday. It is at a special little girls salon......we so deserve this night as a family! It has been hard the past few years! So watch for pictures of us all in our formal attire, a sight never seen before!

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Lindy said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! Especiall of Josh all "prettied" up!