Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Evil foods

Cereal is evil for Maddison. I don't even buy any sugary cereal such as Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks or Cookie Crisp. Cheerios, Bran Flakes or any non-sugar added we choose to buy. I know, no fun. Kids LOVE those sugary cereals! And, who doesn't? I wish Maddison could have them, I really do...but the spikes from cereal are crazy!! At last check a few months back Maddison had Cheerios. I balanced with some protein and fat from eggs with cheese. (the girl doesn't touch fruit, a whole 'nother story!) She started at 98 with a 15 min pre bolus and a ratio of 1:10 vs 1:13 her norm. An hour later she was 338!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is pretty much what always happens with cereal for us and sometimes I have seen her DROP way low by hour 3. Still don't have it right, so I gave up and I am happy she hasn't noticed I avoid cereal. She usually has Pancakes or Waffles with Peanut Butter and Sugar free syrup with SF chocolate milk. I need to try harder to sneak in some fruit! How can you not like fruit?

Pretzels are evil. That is a given though with an 81 on the GI index.

Pizza for us, gets us immediately, unlike some people with "D" and of course, the highs get us later too!

Corn Bread, which Maddison LOVES, is horrid for 8 hours!! How does that happen?

Some people complain about french fries for their kids with "D", but those aren't so bad for Maddison. We beat those down every time!

I wish that the CDE would educate you on these types of foods. Our CDE never mentioned any food effecting you differently. Who would have known that digestion of food is a HUGE mountain to overcome in learning about insulin dosing???!!!

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