Thursday, January 17, 2008

Diligence has paid off!

Maddison had her 1yr follow up today, a month late. It is hard to get an appointment with a practice that is so overwhelmed with patients. I was astonished to hear Maddison's A1c is 6.6%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to cry. I couldn't stop smiling, my heart was pounding with excitement, relief, and wonder......I wonder if her A1c is so good because of too many lows? Why did that thought have to ruin my happiness? Is it ever good enough? I actually don't think Maddison has had too many lows. A lot of times she ends up in the low 90's to 80's before her next meal, and that is ideal, though her range acceptable is 120-150. She has a few lows a week, not serious, (KNOCK ON WOOD) though she has had at least a handful of bad lows under 50 since her last A1c of 7.5% in September. But, that 7.5% was reflecting numbers from when we started the pump and ran high for 2 months because I was too cautious in making changes. The fact that me questioning such a good A1c was irritating and it invaded my happy moment! I have worked so hard for this 6.6%!!! Diligence has paid off, proof is in the numbers, and no, the Endo and I don't believe it is due to too many take that Diabetes! Nice try! Now, I just have to see what my A1c is tomorrow for my own appointment! YIKES!

So today I am ecstatic. The Endo said we are doing "phenomenal" and I am on cloud 9. I couldn't be happier!! Problem though, is that now I will expect nothing higher than this in the future, and that really isn't realistic with Diabetes. I keep telling myself that so as not to beat myself up in the future when A1c's are higher, maybe ALOT higher. But for now, sleep deprivation has paid off, and I have kept her in good range over night, which really is 10 hours of her day, half of her A1c result really. I am so proud that diligence has paid off in the numbers!

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Cosmo Mom said...

Thats great! I can't wait to hear what Presley's next a1c is