Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Maddison went to bed at a 180 last night, I corrected that giving .3 which always does the trick lately. Not last night! At midnight she was 324, what the heck? See, now THAT is why I ALWAYS check 2-3 hours after the correction is made! That was very weird. I made sure there were no bubbles, no food from earlier affecting her, site looks good, insulin was new, right pattern is set. Just weird.

Endo's will tell you not to check over makes me so mad! I would NOT want that 324 hoovering all night and starting our day! I will take the sleep deprivation thank you very much. Do they think Diabetes sleeps? I mean really? If their kid had "D" would they not check at night? Would they want them to sit there all night at 324? Hello? They tell us (and we know) that pump failure can cause Ketones in a matter of an hour or so. Then why wouldn't you check at night when your kid sleeps for 10 hours!!?? So, now I am wondering if tonight will bring the same thing......just when I had the basal set right for a whole month! Talk about frustrating. No wonder I never get more than 3 hours sleep in a stretch! I am always, always having to increase or decrease something!

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