Friday, January 18, 2008

Diligence x's 2!!!

I'm so happy to say my A1c was 6.0% WOW! I will take that any day!! Then I asked my Endo about the home test A1c and the reliability. She said they are "Horrible" and she really stressed that word. So, considering Maddison's 6.6 A1c came from a "home A1c" in the office instead of the lab, it makes me wonder. My endo said they can vary as much as 1% YIKES!! I prefer to think Maddison's was accurate!

Hannah has been showing alot of Diabetes symptoms lately. I know every parent with a "D" child wonders about the other children being diagnosed. Being our genetic link in our family, I am concerned-again. I always thought Hannah had symptoms even before Maddison was diagnosed. I suspected Hannah, not Maddison. So off and on Hannah will be irratable after eating, especially sweets. (but she is 11) She has been more thirsty lately. Stomache aches, peeing more than usual and then there is this morning. Hannah had an accident. She hasn't in over 2 years though it was common before. So when she came to me and said she had an accident at 5am, I lay there stiff as a board. I thought OH SHIT! I had to break my promise, and get out the meter. She was 103. That is a bit concerning. <100 is normal, 110 or more fasting is a diagnosis.

So, what do you do? I feel that post prandial is the first to go in our family. Do I do a random check? Do I ignore it? Do I try one of the Home A1c's with the bad reputations? Do I just wait and see? Do I limit carbs and sweets to rest her pancreas? At this point there is nothing I can do. She was 103 not 403. So I guess I sit and wonder day in and day out. Everytime I get past the worry with Hannah something like this happens to start the concern all over again. I hate Diabetes. Even with a 6.0 and a 6.6 this month, I hate Diabetes because it is so silent. At least if Hannah was 403 I wouldn't drive myself crazy with wonder. Of course, I never want to see Hannah being diagnosed. Never, ever in this lifetime. But the worry and wonder is almost the same stress as being diagnosed. I hope these concerns for Hannah leave my brain QUICKLY so as not to ruin my happy high of good A1c's!!!


Cosmo Mom said...

I was convinced that Grace had Diabetes once (after a sizer she had and i didn't know what to do so i checked her BG and it was 47!!) and it broke my heart! the thought that BOTH my children would have to deal with this for the rest of their life. heart braking. But Grace hasn't had any scary, or weird behavior that has made me think Diabetes again

Lisa said...

I know how you feel. Every single time Alex gets sick I check him with Isabelle's meter. I think that thought will always be in my head.

Bernard said...

I tried one home A1C and it worked well for me. I need to investigate this further before I make up my mind.

I'm adding your blog to the diabetes search engine.

And I'm with you about diabetes. I hate it because it's always there distracting and imposing on me.