Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our puppies

The wee hours of Tuesday morning our Golden Retriever Roxxie had 8 perfect puppies. From midnight until 8am (talk about tired!) I helped her deliver the little cuties. I woke the kids up right after number one came out, and they saw numbers 2-4 be born before I sent them back to bed at 4 am. I kept them home from school as promised. We are in puppy heaven at our house. Mommy dog is awesome, she was a pro from the first push to the last puppy. Maddison sits with them every morning before school and they crawl around in her lap. She told me "They are drawn to me like a "magnament" because they know I love them. Ohhhh how I dread the day we say good bye to them! Grandma gets pick of the litter, so I guess that will help save our broken hearts when the time comes!

We are working to donate a puppy to one of the Diabetes Seizure Alert Canine programs, but of course they require Hip, Eyes and all those top line certifications. So we will see how it all pans out. I really hope it works out, I would feel so great knowing one of our puppies could make the difference to a child and family with Diabetes!

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