Monday, January 28, 2008

$9000 closer to a cure

The Promise Ball and Auction was a fabulous time on Saturday! Our first little girl puppy that we donated brought in $4500 in the Auction for JDRF. Our second male puppy went for the same $4500!! I was so excited that our family could help to raise $9000 and be that much closer to finding a cure for our children!

We were so rushed on Saturday getting ready for the Promise Ball that we didn't even have a chance to take good pictures! I am so bummed! I spent WAY too much money on the girls hair (prom up-do's) and nails to miss the pictures! That makes me so sad! I hope the ones we got will turn out better when printed. It was interesting to see all the wealthy high status people at the ball. Most were pretty friendly. Most of them were drunk I am sure, thanks to the beautiful open bar. The resort was gorgous, and so were all the evening gowns. I can't imagine having $50,000 (or way more!)to drop on charity and auction items. We hung out mostly in the volunteer area and helped anway we could.

When it was time to go up on stage in front of the 1,000 guests Maddison had a bit of stage fright! She nearly cried, but I just whisked her on stage. She did great. You really can't see the crowd when you have those lights shining in your face! The host asked me to tell my story.....I had to just speak from the heart. I was surprisingly comfortable. Hannah smiled and answered some questions too. Then Maddison decided she LOVED being on stage and after we were done she wanted to go back ON stage! LOL. The girls got to feel like fancy princessess for the day, and so did I!! I never wear a dress! We all could have done without the fancy shoes that left our feet screaming in pain though. We stayed late and enjoyed some cocktails in the end while the girls ran around trying to find some way to offer their help as volunteers. I am grateful we were able to experience this event with JDRF. It was truely a night I will always remember.

That night, was even perfect for numbers! Maddison went to bed at 83 and becuase I was noticing her going high at night lately I decided to leave it and check in 2 hours. Then she was 83 again! That never happens! Then she was 86 at 4am and 88 for the morning breakfast. WOW! How could that happen? Of course it didnt the following night and the highs returned. But I am glad our family had one perfect night at the Ball, and perfect numbers that night to top it off. It has been a l-o-n-g year, and we so deserved this night!

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