Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Switching the Sites

Saturday Maddison had her site changed from the normal arm site, to an upper/side butt site. She is lucky she has so much baby fat on that butt of hers! I refuse to ever put a site on my butt! I tried once, and never again! It just doesn't feel right. I normally place MY pump sites on my less than beautiful love handles. :) Pinching an inch (or three) is worth it when it comes to pump sites! Good thing I gained back all the weight I lost!

ANYWAY, back to Maddison's BUM sites. They suck. They are unpredictable, and they run her sugars at LEAST 50pts higher. What was our longest streak EVER of great numbers, has ended. Trying to use the rested BUM territory has proved to not be such a good idea. HOPEFULLY these 200's to 280's are from switching back to the BUM. Hopefully her new arm site today will get her back on track. We shall see.

I suppose I could figure out different basal and ratio settings for other site areas. I tried that once with tummy sites, they run Maddison low, low, low. Arms are perfect. Butt she's high, tummy she is low......Sheesh. No wonder my brain is mush and I can't even remember what day it is. For now, I'm switching the sites back to what works. Screw the added stress of figuring out other sites. Some days you just gotta go with what works, and not try to perfect this freaking disease. Now...lets just hope it really is the site!


Reyna said...


You know, I have heard about this different site...different numbers phenomenon. It sounds like it SUCKS. Our only site that we use on Joe is his BUM. Not enough fat on his tummy. ARMS are for Dexter (CGM)...I have to really rotate around the BUM BUM to make sure we don't run into long term absorption issues. One of my local friend's daughter...too...runs low with the ABD sites. I cannot even imagine running different settings with different sites. That is some crazy ass shit!

Anonymous said...

"Rested" bum sites.... the word "rested" makes me nervous. We have exclusively used the tush and it's been five years. At some point, we are going to have to rotate, but we plan to go back if we rotate after site has rested. So far her sensitivity factor is much higher than it should be compared to her TDD so I do think she needs more insulin using the tush than she may need on other sites, but the tush area is still working. And what happens when they exhaust all site locations?