Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 JDRF Walk/Halloween

Saturday was our 4th JDRF walk....not such a great turn out for our team this year, but we exceeded our fundraising goal and had some too cute shirts made!! (thanks to a last minute sponsor!!)

And it was HOT! Almost 90 degrees people! Hannah brought along several of her high school buddies who all adore Maddison....We had a ton of fun and Maddison left the Walk talking about her dreams of a cure, as always. That part always breaks my heart....but Maddison never fails to refresh and uplift my own sense of hope!!

(Yep...that was Maddison with Sugar from Candy Hearts!)

Ohhhhh Halloween!! Maddison has been having the longest streak EVER of FANTABULOUS blood sugars, so Halloween didnt pose a problem with worries of candy highs. It seems we just bolus and everything works out perfectly these days (KNOCK ON WOOD) So.....I was a bit shocked to see a 389 after trick or treating! Ummmm.....DUMB DUMB MOM over did a low (69) correction while Maddison (Dorothy) was trick or treating....I just wanted my girl to zoom around with the others....I guess she didnt need THAT MUCH candy to keep up! Oh well! She actually came back down perfectly by Midnight, then ran a tad too low all night.

My Hannah who is nearing 14 this month (AHHHH!!!!) was still ready to throw on a costume and hit the streets for candy with her girls. Its all about being silly and hanging out together ya know.....Can you say LADY GAGA??!!

The cutest little Dorothy, my Neice Sammi :)I hope everyone had a great Halloween!! This weekend Maddison models in the American Girl Fashion show to support JDRF!!!


Gerry S. said...

Congrats on the walk. We walk on Sunday at Dodgers Stadium and my daughter was Dorothy also!!

Reyna said...

Looks like a great Halloween! And love that Maddison is hopeful for a cure. I always assume that Joe doesn't think about said to me in the car on the way to school that he thinks that Santa could come up with a CURE b/c Santa is magic. He went on to say he wanted a CURE more than anything else. Broke my heart a bit, really.

Now off to take care of the carpet stains! LOL...thanks for the help with the Levemir question!

Wendy said...


Very last minute decision though...she was Tinkerbell up until we were ready to walk out the door.

Loved seeing you at the walk. I miss you, my friend.

Please let me know when you have time....I REALLY want to catch up.