Thursday, November 11, 2010


I can't sleep yet. I should have known hours ago when Maddison said how thirsty she was. Somehow we got distracted and didnt check that "thirsty" complaint like we should have. 451. Moderate ketones. Bad site, I assume. Easy fix right? We shall see....371 an hour later. Its gonna be a long night here.

I'm afraid to go to sleep. Since I haven't been hearing my alarms for night checks lately, I can't risk not waking up tonight. So, I'm sleepless for the next several hours. Amazing how Diabetes can change so quickly.

I'll be checking Maddison's sugar again at the 2 hr mark anyway, then again at the 3hour mark (when her correction dose is worn off) to see where her sugar range "SHOULD" stay till morning. But what if it isn't a bad site? What if Maddison is getting sick? Did I jinx it when I blogged about all the awesome predictability we have been having with Maddison's numbers being just right for a few months now? DAMN. You'd think I'd learn not to say it!

Ive been floating along on my little cloud of "easy" Diabetes days for awhile now. Im so grateful for these times!!! Seriously, we all need this kind of break once in a while. These "easy times" can really chill out your hatred of the disease, and improve your stress level. For real. But, now I sit and wonder. Is Diabetes gonna be back to kicking my ass? Right before our ENDO appointment in 2 weeks? I wouldnt be surprised! CRAZY how that happens! Next sugar check should tell I guess. -Sigh-


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. It's exhausting.

Pam said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry! I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I've had, and my T1 is my G-child, not even living near us! I'm worn out from chasing her NUMBERS ... nothing you can do, this disease is just PLAIN EVIL ... I will add you to my prayer list! You and Maddison are PERFECT in every way, God made you that way, don't worry sweet child.

Reyna said...

Hey Kell...I hope the next sugar check was within range.

Funny how the 2 weeks prior to endo everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

Love to you and your Maddison.