Monday, November 8, 2010

Not Hearing It

I'm not sure what the deal is, but ever since we have moved into our new house I'm not waking up to alarms set for night time checks!! Its ticking me off!! Its making me worry, and with a child on an insulin pump, its DANGEROUS!! Sure, I've gotten up a few times here and there...but for the most part I'm missing night checks that NEED to be done!!

What am I supposed to do now!!?? I have already tried changing the ringtones on my alarms (I use my cell phone) and I even added a SECOND alarm clock, so now I have a cell alarm set AND an alarm clock set! I even set the alarm times 15 minutes apart with multiple alarms!!! I even moved the alarms across the room so I have to walk father to turn them off!! I'm not even waking up when my CGM alarms!! And WHY isnt the husband waking up to these alarms? Maybe the alarms aren't even going off? I think I remember hearing them somewhere in my deep sleep.....I do remember Hannah coming in Saturday morning and saying "MOM!! What is wrong with you!!? Your alarm has been going off for an hour!!" So I'm just left to wonder why I'm not hearing it!!??

Whats even worse? Waking up to empty juice boxes that I have no memory of giving Maddison while she slept!! Checking back in the meter shows the blood sugar was taken....(alot of 70-90's between midnight and 4am) and I see I gave Maddison juice to keep her from going too low....but I have no memory of these night checks! Diabetes and night time checks have gotten dangerous in this house! What the heck is going on and how do I wake up!!??

The husband is checking Maddison before he leaves for work at 4am, but what about Midnight!? What about the nights when Maddison needs a correction before bed? What about the nights she is trending LOW? What about site change nights when I need to get up and make sure the site is good? I guess for awhile Im gonna have to be sleep deprived and just stay up instead of setting an alarm. I dont know what else to do. Its WEIRD. Its frustrating!! After 4 years of night checks my brain said no more waking up to alarms? WEIRD. WEIRD. WEIRD!!


Lora said...

I haven't been waking up lately either... Must be in the air

Meri said...

That is totally weird! Are you sleeping more soundly now that you are done with the stress of moving? CRAZY! But at least you are getting things done sometimes, even if you don't remember!

Reyna said...

That is weird! Are you going low and maybe not hearing them? I dunno...or you are so exhausted from the move that your body is recovering.

I am hoping for safer nights for you Kelly (and Maddison)! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, not remembering juice boxes? Do you have D.I.D.? HA!
Maybe you should try one of those little kids alram clocks where it bounces onto the floor and hits everything in it's path until you get up and pick it up and turn it off!
~T. Lou

Anonymous said...

It's called "exhuastion." If your body absolutely has to have the sleep, it will take it. Happens to me, but I usually turn off the alarm in my sleep. Stay up but not on the couch in front of the TV or reading or you may drift off. I get on the computer; that works for me. And try to get a power nap in or even a real nap when someone can wake you up. Such as right after dinner and before bed, then get up till 1:30am, hubby is getting a 4am check so you are okay there. Good luck.