Friday, October 1, 2010


I was just "tagged" for a "MEME" by my friend Kris over at MY SUGAR BUGS! So here goes...I guess I gotta post for ME and Maddison :)

What Type of Diabetes Do You Have?

My Daughter and I both have Type 1 Diabetes.

When Were You Diagnosed?

I was diagnosed St Patty's day in March 2006 when I was 28, then Maddison was dx'd 9months after me in December. She was 6.

What's Your Current Blood Sugar?

Mine was just 131 before I stuffed 2 cookies in my face (Damn PMS made me do it!) and Maddison was 150 before school this morning. No phone call from the school Nurse means's she is A-OK at school!!

What Kind of Meter Do You Use?

We use the Freestyle Lite...always have. LOVE the new would be amazed the TEENSY TINY DROP of blood it needs, and the little flash light on the tip of the meter for night checks? PRICELESS.

How many times per day do you check your blood sugar?

Im usually very stable and predictable assuming Im not eating abnormal stuff and GUESSING carbs, so I only check about 3-8 times a day. Maddison however....UGH. Somewhere around at least 10. Usually closer to 12 or 15. Not by choice.

What is a "HIGH" number for you?

My high is anything over 160, though I dont stress until Im around 180. I can correct numbers over 120 for ME.....Maddison's high when she is 180, but I dont stress with her until around 220. I can't correct a number under 150 on Maddison or its bad news. (of course I could figure it out...but YA KNOW)

What do you consider "LOW"?

We aren't "low" until under 70.

What is your favorite low blood sugar reaction treater?

Mine is juice. Easy to grab, easy to get down quickly and I know it's going to work fast. Hers would be Skittles. Of course it really depends on HOW low. Somewhere in the 80's? I COPIED KRISTI'S ANSWER!!! :) But I say, Glucose tabs for numbers under 60 please!! (not because we like the taste of them!)

Describe your dream endo:

I can describe her in 2 words. Dr. D (Ok so one word and one initial) It doesn't get any better than her! COPIED YOUR ANSWER AGAIN KRISTI!!! :) I also say, I recently switched to Maddison's Endo because I love her so much! And, YES! She IS a PEDIATRIC ENDO!!! But, she see's patients up to age 40. So, I got 7 years till she kicks me out! LOL

Who's on your support team?

My husband, my Hannah, Maddison, My Mom, my DAD (still from heaven) BETH, D BLOGGERS and our local support group!

Do you think there will be a cure in your lifetime?

Hmmmm.....some days I really do think there will be. If not in mine, I pray for our kids. Maddison? Oh...she TOTALLY believes a cure is SO CLOSE!

What is a 'CURE' to you?

A cure would be a working Pancreas. Period.

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes:

"Oh my Grandma has Diabetes" But can I please list more than just ONE!!?? Maddison hates it when people ask her if she can eat sugar.

The most common misconception about your diabetes:

For me Im mostly irritated when people ask if I used to be overweight, they usually say "Oh but you are too thin to have Diabetes!" Speaking for Maddison, I think she would say the worst misconception is that she shouldnt be tracking down the ice cream man!

If you could say one thing to your pancreas what would it be?

"Why can't you just work?"

And THATS the MeMe today for both MEME and Maddison! Thanks Kris!!


Reyna said...

Great MeMe and those Freestyle Lites are nice! We use the One Touch Ultra (PING) and it is nice - has a remote that communicates with the ping...but it uses more blood and the light feature isn't as the damn error 5s!

Have a nice w/e.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Those new Freestyle strips are amazing with how little blood they require. Love them!

Wendy said...

AWESOME!!!!! I love that she tracks down the ice cream man :)