Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Maddison is still high. You know...the illness highs. The ones that come down only for a moment, then spike up again even though you have done EVERYTHING to keep them away. Those highs. Those highs suck the most. You really feel like that one in range number is progress.....then BOOM. All highs again. Im feeling a bit bitter towards Diabetes today. My poor Maddie is exhausted.

Twenty minutes after school started today Maddison went in to see the Nurse for "feeling more tired than ever in life." She said she couldnt stay awake.
BS= 226. The Nurse sent Maddie back to class. 30 minutes later, Maddison came back for a headache. Tylenol. BS= 248. More complaining of being "more tired than ever in life." So, the Nurse emailed me at work. Did I mention I LOVE our school Nurse?

I told the Nurse that Maddison ran in the 300-400's all weekend. She sympathized, then asked if I wanted to come pick Maddison up. (She stayed home from school yesterday) Of course I WANTED to pick Maddison up from school.....but can you really bring your D kid home just because blood sugars are kicking their asses on top of a little cold? Of course not. And thats why Im bitter. Being sick is bad enough. Being sick with high blood sugars too? Its just not even fair. The double whammy. Damn you Diabetes.


Reyna said...

UGH. I hate unfixable highs. Sometimes, I feel lows are easier (for the most part)...you throw some sugar at it and it is fixed. Stubborn highs, in an insulin-resistant state...well forget about it! Those are frustrating, especially when you have been dealing with them for days. Hang in there Kelly.

Gerry S. said...

Hey, I sympathise with you and hope that Maddie can kick the colds @#$.Life is way too tough to begin with without our kids having to go through the diabetes routine every day. I always try to tell myself and Miranda that we could be in a worse situation and to some that may sound a little demeaning perhaps but it gives me a little light to focus on. Diabetes is a wacky condition with no really visible signs to anyone else but requires so much maintenance and care. Right now we are fighting more highs also but it's due to us trying to get the pump basal to where it should be. Her A1C's have always been in the low 6's but her next one is going to be messed up with this pump training period. I know it's better than MDI but recently i have felt like sending that pump back to Animas and going back to our old friend Lantus.I have to stop thinking like that but I hate to have Miranda run like a rollercoaster. Anyway like I said sending good vibes to Maddie and you.
Get well soon!

Marc said...

I hate it too. Is August it was a throat infection. September - infusion site abscess. Today - tonsillitis. On antibiotics and advil, chasing highs and watching that A1c go down the tubes (or up rather).

Ducking Fiabetes.