Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy Lows

Packing, organizing,'d think this post were about moving, but its really not. Diabetes manifests EVERYWHERE when you have a super busy day. (or days) Lows have been kicking me down the past week. It always amazes me how hours of what seems to be slow paced work puts blood sugars down in the gutters. Yesterday I had 7bad lows. SEVEN. All under 50.

Reduce that basal. Eat extra carbs, bolus less. Doesn't matter what I do, I end up low. Right now, I especially dont have time for lows. I HATE having to stop and treat a low blood sugar on even a normal day. I HATE having to sit down when I have SO much to do just because Im dizzy, weak and my lips are numb. Why does Diabetes have to force me into slowing down? ACK. I'll be SO happy when Monday roles around and life can move forward. I'll be SO happy when this moving process is over and lows stop haunting me all day! Moving REALLY sucks when you have Diabetes!!!

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