Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spilling It.

Im just gonna come out and say it. COBRA SUCKS. DIABETES SUCKS. OUR HEALTH INSURANCE SUCKS.... So here goes, its the same sad story that too many other families are going through right now......

Josh left his job two years ago because his employer was changing his "higher" paying route in which he only worked 3 days per week driving to Vegas and back. It was the perfect "job" for him, and when he lost it, he decided the grass would be greener elsewhere. So he left. Josh and I also thought this new employer would have better insurance coverage because ours sucked. Or, so we thought!

Two years later. Two job changes later. Months of COBRA that KILLED US in
2008-2009. COBRA expenses were the same as a mortgage payment, for just Maddison and I. Pre-existing condition ya know. We had no choice. This new job brought HORRID medical insurance. Our medical expenses and monthly premium DOUBLED. Two with Diabetes in this house. A Salary that isnt what was expected, and isn't what it was. Josh works 60hrs a week for less than before. Its been rough for two years now.

Anyone heard of the drama with Bank of America? Well, thats us. Last Monday when we called to check the status of our loan "modification" we were told it had been denied. And...... Our. Home. Was. Auctioned. That. Same. Day. SOLD back to the bank.

So, the last week Ive been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We have until the 22nd of this month. To. Be. Out. Of. Our. Home. Of. OVER. 10. YEARS. We had this home built for US. I was 23 when we bought this home and Josh was 25. Hannah was 4. I was 7 months pregnant with Maddison when we moved in. This home was for our family. Exactly what we wanted. We are the end house on a cul-de-sac lot. By the greenbelt. We paid a pretty penny for this premium location, knowing our kids could run around and be safe outside with lots of room to roam. We invested in the pool. Josh extended the patio for the AZ summer with pool parties. I have a garden like I always wanted. In the Summer Maddison grows HUGE Zucchinis. We put everything we had into making this house a home. We have the BEST neighbors. We all moved in pregnant with our second child....and our kids have grown up together. BUT, its just a house in the end. Not a mansion by any means, but it was MINE. It was perfect. Where I planned to live out my Mommyhood. Then came Diabetes.

I blame Diabetes for this loss because of COBRA. If we didnt have Diabetes we wouldnt have had to pay for COBRA those 6 months before our new insurance took effect. We wouldn't have fallen behind just because medical insurance was a priority. A must. If it weren't for Diabetes we wouldn't be spending so much money on copays, pump supplies, lab work. Seriously.

Friday I took Hannah to the Urgent Care. Strep Throat. $200 bucks in copays and prescriptions. It makes me think of our home, that is now bank owned. Because of medical expenses. Because we have sucky insurance. Maybe this isnt entirely because of health care and Diabetes, but a majority is.

Sunday night we went to a friends BBQ. The kids rolled in the grass. Hannah had welts up and down her legs. Bug bites? Mosquito's? Ants? She didnt feel a thing. The next morning one of the MANY spots on her legs turned HUGE. As in, 5cm. HOT. RED. HARD AS A ROCK. Urgent care. Cellulitits. Another $200 bucks. Thats kinda how this year has been. One expense after another. Alot of it being medical.

So....we just found a house that we will be moving into this weekend. I can tell you that my Diabetes has been nearly cured with all the stress and packing Ive done this past week. Thats a good thing I guess. But, lows suck. Especially when you dont have time to sit around and wait them out.

In the end, its JUST a house. Life happens. Things change. Change can be good. I look forward to down grading our lives. SHOOT, you should see the junk and wasted items that have been pouring out of my closets since I started packing last week! So, there ya go. I spilled it. And man....I feel so much better! Time to move forward. Im not looking back, and Im REALLY trying not to be bitter with Diabetes for every way in which it has changed our lives!!


Wendy said...

Oh, Kelly.....OMGsh KELLY.....my heart is aching for you. I know how much your home meant to you. I know what a beautiful little home it is.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so so so sorry.

I want to do something. ANYTHING to make the madness of this year end. How can I help? PLEASE update me ASAP. PLEASE tell me what you need. Jay is out of town until Monday....but he can help when he gets home and I can help pack.

I'm praying, Kelly. Harder than ever.

Reyna said...

Kelly, I am sorry. and WOW. This is so overwhelming. All of it. I thank my lucky stars every day, because for now our insurance is good. I cannot even imagine having to go through everything that you are enduring right now. Yet I know it could just as easily be any of us.

I am thinking of you and your family. Big (((HUGS))) through this computer screen to you and the fam.

Love ya, Reyna

Lora said...

Wow Kelly, I am sorry you are going through this. I can't believe they didn't approve your modification. Thats pretty shitty!!

Yes, it is just a house, but its hard to leave none the less. Know that you are not alone... diabetes has caused a whole lot of strain for so many. Its a sucky disease.

Hang in there Kelly. It may seem impossible, but things WILL get better.

Meri said...

Kelly, Holy moly! I am so sorry! Stupid Bank of America! We just bought a new house and was horrified to find that BofA would be who I would send my morgatge payments to. :(

I hope this new home brings happy new beginnings! I know your family will make it into a safe happy place full of animals and love.

CraftyLikeLindy said...

Where are you moving to? I am glad you guys were able to find a house so quickly but am sorry that the shit hand you were dealt made it come to this. I claim all of Hannah's unused clothes LOL!!!! Hugs and kisses from us all

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...


I just wanted to send some (((HUGS))) your way.

I am sure "spilling it" has to be such a relief! If you ever need to vent, there are lots of us here for you.


Nicole said...

WOW I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this...it really is not fair!! But your attitude is amazing :)
Good luck with everything I wish there was something that I could do for you!!