Sunday, October 3, 2010


I hate that Diabetes is such a bitch when Maddison is sick. As if being sick isnt sucky enough. Leave it to Diabetes to throw in some crazy insulin resistant highs with a touch of muscle aches and pains just when our kids are feeling crappy enough. Extreme thirst. Headaches. Burning eyes and tummy aches. 318, 331, 329, 174,
247, 173, 303, 271, 274, 340, 351, 338, 426, 374, 284, 198. Maddison's numbers for the last 24 hours. ICK. YUCK. Another cold is headed her way.

Friday Maddison ran low ALL DAY at school, never made it over 120. She hoovered from the 48-70 range for over two hours. Friday night before bed until 5am I couldn't get her out of the 80 range after Skittles or juice. An extra long temp basal decrease finally did the trick. I should have known something was coming. Maddison always runs low before getting sick. Then BOOM. All of a sudden its nothing but highs.

This high streak of numbers started yesterday afternoon before I dropped Maddison off for a sleep over at her Auntie's. I was originally worried about lows because Friday was a low day at school, but all we saw were highs. Of course we questioned the need for a site change, insulin change...all that stuff we do when highs creep in. But on sleepover night? UGH. As if sleepovers dont put enough worries in a D parents mind. What really matters is that Maddison still got to stay the night. Auntie checked Maddison every few hours and called me with her number. She didnt really budge much. But its sleep over night!? I couldnt go bonkers and increase anything either now could I? Maddison didn't sleep well, but she says she feels "ok" today. Sniffles. Tickly cough. Headache. This will be a long night. I hate the Diabetes Monster. I love Aunt Christie! Thanks for taking such good care of Maddison and letting her sleep over!


Reyna said...

YAY for Aunt Christie!!! WOOT WOOT...AND boo to being sick with shitty numbers.

I can just tell you I am freakin' done over here in VT. BTW, thank you for your support...we are still battling some pretty unpredictable bad lows...but they are becoming less frequent. Today is day 5 of this crap...ofcourse, right after we had such an awesome endo appt. I hate feeling like we are doing "good" just to have it be squelched by a bad run of numbers.

Love to you and Maddison...hang in there.

Wendy said...

I hate highs!!!!!! I feel like we hit the same freaking wall last week. I HATE IT!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I always feel so badly for Jack when he gets sick. D just doesn't play nicely with illnesses. I hope your sweet Maddison is feeling better soon!

You're so lucky to have Aunt Christie!

Eileen said...

at least you know her trends! I think you sound like a really devoted and involved mom.

she may resist all of the attention diabetes brings but I know from experience that when you feel that bad, its great to have a mom who will worry about some of the details for you!

Gillion said...

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