Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Tummy

Who would know that different pump sites need different basal rates? Ahhh...I guess that would just be us. The parents of Diabetes. Sometimes it takes me awhile to realize why numbers have suddenly gone wrong.

After watching and analyzing Maddisons numbers for a few days, I realized she had a site change the day numbers went weird. From the hip site to the tummy site. Yep, Maddison gets a different basal rate for hips vs tummy. As in, WAY different rates. Luckily, right now I have her convinced we should just stick to the tummy for awhile. What we see is 70-170 instead of 160-280. WEIRD I tell ya. Absorbency and Diabetes. Who would know? Add that to the list of millions that make us D parents AMAZING in defeating this disease! :)


Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

I have noticed that with The Superhero too! We get the best absorption from his arm sites, though we only use those for Dexie sites now. The tushie needs more insulin here!

And yep, we D Parents are pretty amazing, and that includes YOU! :-)

Reyna said...

I sub as a school nurse Kelly and have seen this with another gal...her numbers go WAY down with a tummy site vs. her bum. Joe is still way to lean to slap a site in his abdomen. We can only get about 36hours out of a bum site on him before the absorption goes.

Interesting post...we should do some research!