Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hassayampa and SKITTLES!

Today Maddison and I made another trip out to the Hassayampa River Preserve to go bird banding. Hundreds of miles of nature untouched. Today we learned that most of the Hassayampas 100-mile course has rivers that flow only underground. How cool is that? Luckily, within the preserve crystal clear waters emerge, flowing above ground throughout the year. Not so much this time of year, but still BEAUTIFUL! Especially when tempertaures hit 104 today!

Hiking, excitement and HEAT = SKITTLES. Besides knocking carbs off Breakfast, Lunch and snacks today, Maddison and I had to consume a crazy amount of Skittles to fight off lows. Temp basals could have helped....but Skittles are so much more yummy! Of course, lets not forget how Insulin Pump technology SAVES us on days like these. A quick check to see how much insulin is active, and we know exactly what to do. Im TOTALLY appreciating IOB today!

6 hours of hiking left Madddison and I both feeling CURED. Not one blood sugar over 140 and none under 89, for either one of us. I'd call that DEFEAT :)


Reyna said...

That is cool on so many levels...first off the bird banding - WAY NEAT. AND love yours and Maddison's numbers. Enjoy your euglycemic selves girl!

Wendy said...

WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! I LOVE the pics :) I love Maddison's passion for birds...and the unwavering support you give her.

HI FIVE on the INCREDIBLE numbers today....IOB rocks!

Meri said...

What a cool thing to do!! Your pictures are amazing!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

What a great day!