Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Again

Last night Maddison had a goopy eye, red......inevitable pink eye was to greet us this morning. I actually got out of bed at my scheduled time of 5am this morning to fit in my 3 mile run and weight routine. I haven't been able to get out of bed on time lately! Too bad my blood sugar was 48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never had a number this low greet me in the morning. Never, ever. So I had my juice and crawled back into bed figuring this wasn't the best way to start a work out. Weird number, no reason. I better play it safe. I was unusually high 160's all day yesterday which was weird too. So much for starting my day as I planned! That is really irritating. Maddison was 88 with her little eye swollen shut eye. Damn it. Josh just got to bed at 5am when I woke up, so now I have to take the day off-AGAIN.

I took Maddison to the closest urgent care which was actually a very nice place. Very nice Doctor. Pink eye confirmed, there goes another $100 to medical bills and a prescription! I'm actually feeling quite crappy with a sore throat, ear pain and a headache. I am sure the headache is from the low this morning, who knows how long I was in the 40's. Two hours after my morning coffee I was 267!!!!!!!!! WTF? I never hit over 200, so looks like something is screwing with me. That's just great. I had to call in sick AGAIN for the 3rd time this month. I feel like crap and my house is a mess. Maddison is asking to take the dogs for a walk and is already bored at noon. She wants to be entertained apparently. Sorry girly, not today. Wouldn't that just be great if I end up sick and have to stay home more this month? I am planning to start giving copies of our Dr visits and Urgent care visits to my work to cover my ass. My rollercoaster blood sugar is just beginning today I fear. I can feel it already. I'm tired of feeling guilty for things such as missing work which I really can't control. Enough, I am being a total bummer, AGAIN. I think I need a nap!

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