Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I spoke too soon


Yesterday I mentioned that I haven't made adjustments to Maddison's insulin for about three months now. I spoke too soon. Last night was the 3rd night that she had an 80 point rise in blood sugar from Midnight to 3am. Somewhere in those hours something may have to change. I suppose tonight I will have to test some basals, which really sucks because I feel pretty crappy and really need sleep right now. I have a headache, sore throat and just feel icky. TIRED. Very tired. I even took a two hour nap yesterday when the kids were in school. I never take time to do that but I was speeding down a scary slope of burnout and couldn't deny myself any longer.

The school nurse called before Maddison left school for the day to inform me that she has stayed in the 260-280's all day. That never happens. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. So what are we looking at here? Are we getting sick? Weather changes? Bad insulin from being out in the hotter AZ days? Wow, maybe that is it! I will start with changing the vial of insulin. Wishful thinking probably. Remind me to never talk about how consistent blood sugars have been. Its a sure set up for changes ahead.

After school Maddison went swimming for about 1.5 hours......148 before dinner finally but hit 408 an hour later complaining of being "SO STARVING"....I'm not sure if she missed too much basal in the swim time, but I decided to just pull the site in fear of the bad insulin. When we pulled the site from her tummy it gushed blood everywhere and continued to bleed a few minutes. Perhaps that is the culprit. With a nice new site in the upper Bum the pump suggested a 1.4 correction for her 408......and we shall see how the night time goes. I am so glad I left work early and got to take an hour nap! Long night ahead I am sure. Surprise Surprise.

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