Friday, April 11, 2008

"What if they never find a cure Mom?"

Well...........I replied by saying we would just keep living life the way we are and stay strong. I never thought Maddison would really ask that question. As much as you want to believe in a cure, there is the part of you that really doubts it. A huge part of you some days. I guess I just keep believing for Maddison. Anything is possible, right?

I do know that technology is incredible compared to years past. This makes me believe in better treatment, look at our insulin pump for goodness sakes! We can dose increments of .05 compared to syringes that only dose as little as .50. We can set temporary rates to avoid lows, or fight unusual highs. We have the ability to increase and decrease our basal dosing every half hour if needed, especially helpful at night when hormones reek havoc on our growing children. That itself is amazing and I beleieve in alot of the studies that are now active.

We found out today that we will be meeting with Senator John Kyl or Travis Fleet. We don't have a day set yet, but sometime next month. I have until then to work on Maddison I guess. I know she doesn't want to do this, but I am hoping I can give her something in exchange for her promise.....maybe Horse back riding! She has been dying to go, and I bet she can't say no to that!

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