Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weather changes =insulin changes

Yep, add weather to the list of what changes Diabetes. Not only our long summer in AZ bringing long days in the pool, but the heat itself causes changes in insulin requirements. Maddison had way too many lows on Saturday. I thought it was excitement from a fun filled day. Sunday she had a few lows too. Monday after school she had another low. So we changed her ratio in the afternoon since changing her basal never works during the day. That should do it! I HOPE.

I have hoovered around 70-110 the past week. So, I am not feeling my lows right now until the 40's. I have had 8 hypo's in the last 4 days! YUCK! So this morning for work I put on my medical alert bracelet just in case. I have been a good girl and hit the workout at least 3 days a week, causing the GREAT blood sugars, but alot of lows until I get things figured out. You just can't win I guess. Otherwise we are doing good, feeling great! That's about it for now, nothing interesting to post. Nothing upsetting, nothing I am pondering these days. Just Diabetes in the back seat in life where it should always be!


Penny said...

I just decreased Riley's basals. The change in weather is making him low, low, low.

Spring used to be my favorite time of year. But, that was pre-diabetes.

Dave Schulz said...

Hello, Type1 Mom and Maddison. I have been a type1 Diabetic for at least 35 years. I have to congradulate you for your observation regarding weather changes and its' effect on the insulin absorbtion. Believe it or not I was forced to go to a specialist who gave me a dirty look when I mentioned that I thought my lows could have to do with the weird weather patterns. He insisted that I am not taking care of myself and I should have 3 to 5 shots a day. Just a word of caution it appears that doctors still are only textbook quacks. You and your daughter are living the forced medical mafia way of life. Yet, you and I have to become our own doctors and realize we live that insulin life not them. I used to believe there would be a cure coming out due to the millions upon millions of dollars guiltfully swindled. To only be used to finance a industry that would die if there weren't people that are labelled diabetic. I may appear to be hardened; but, many don't realize that one of the side effects of the treatment of diabetes is nerval sensitivity. I have endured the diabetic treatment and some of the complications due to this treatment and still to this day, one bad day or week and I am told I am not taking care of myself. All I can say is be strong and try to be as less stressed as possible. As a child I went through the same as Maddison and the treatment was eat more food. If I knew then what I know now I would have slowly cut back on the insulin. It is your call as back then I didn't have a glucose meter to experiment with; just the so called Dr.Hydes to poke, prod, stuff and spiritually rape. Sorry if I have come off as a pain in the butt... oh right that's where the great invention, the needle & insulin goes.