Thursday, September 4, 2008

Basal culprit

Maddison stayed home from school this morning so I could do some basal testing. I just couldn't adjust one more thing like a shot in the dark and send Maddison off to school as my little lab rat. I had to see exactly where the change was needed. Basal test confirmed. 5am to 9am basal increments are far too high! We need to switch back to lower doses, exactly where we were 4 weeks ago before all the highs started. WHEW! I was so relieved to see the answer there staring back at me on her meter screen today. Now I feel like I can carry on with life, trusting tomorrow to be a much better day without the dreaded morning lows. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is approaching fast!

I stayed up until 1 this morning working on our JDRF walk video for this year. I had to check some of Maddison's overnight basal's anyway so I made myself useful. I have been putting off everything lately. Mental exhaustion. So today I paid for my lack of sleep that's for sure, it was clear in my numbers that I did myself in. In my 5 hours of sleep I managed to stumble from bed to check Maddison at 2:30am and 5am. She was "perfect" all night. I MUST HAVE a good nights sleep tonight so I am getting to bed early and ignoring all chores that have not been done :) Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have our video done and we will be bringing in the team walkers! Just 56 days left until the walk! I better get myself busy......

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