Wednesday, March 5, 2008

390 and 46

Oh how it sucks when Maddison and I are both out of range. Talk about a slap in the face. Maddison has had some whacky numbers, all random of course thanks to a touch of a cold. She was 390 at bedtime the other day. YUCK! Poor girl. I haven't had a number over 250 myself since diagnosis and I remember what those kind of highs feel like. Its feels like you have the flu and every muscle in your body is heavy. You want to sleep it off, but even while you sleep you are keenly aware how your body feels. It is heavy, slow and achy. Thirsty enough to drink gallons. GRUMPY. Perhaps you can't think straight. I always wonder why Maddison can't tell she is high? I guess most kids can't, Maddison has never been a complainer and is very pain tolerant which doesn't help to detect feeling off.

So as Maddison's meter beeped a 390, mine rang in at 46. What the hell? I had no idea! I was just checking in before bed. I didn't feel low at all. That is a bit scary. Ah, yes. I have been in the 70-120 range for about a week straight thanks to getting back into the workout routine. Fabulous. Now I have to adjust everything.

46 is a reminder that the tighter control you have, the more Hypo's you risk. Ah, isn't Diabetes grand? Who's evil joke is this disease anyway? Too low is dangerous, too high is harmful. That's right, we are expected to be perfect aren't we? Don't eat that....exercise more.....adjust this....figure this out.....count every frickin carbohydrate you put in your mouth. Yes, even that 1c sugar free gum! And they say not to let Diabetes run your life! HA! It would help if we didn't have to think of it 24/7/365. And oh yea, double that for me with two in our house.

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