Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Changes, changes, and worry

Maddison is needing some micro managing all around the last few weeks. I have been correcting instead of making changes, becuase I STILL dont see a pattern. It is random from day to day. I even considered the different contents that make up her meals each day and time of day.

If people knew how Diabetes changes month to month (sometimes week to week or day to day) then us parents that manage our children would be recognized world wide as Diabetes Specialists without even needing a degree. We are amazing for what we know as parents of children with Diabetes! Did you know that we can see growth spurts, illness that isn't even there yet, stress, and weather changes all reflected in their fluctuating blood sugars? Then we must makes changes to avoid the highs and lows, and we first must question.....change a ratio? change a basal? change the sensitivity? It is irritating and it can be really scary too when the change causes serious lows.

I started studying her morning numbers after breakfast since you dont want highs and lows effecting her school work and performance. Some days were perfect, some high and some low. Then last night I started studying her nightime. The problem there is the eating too late into the night (after 7pm) If Maddison falls asleep with food digesting I swear the blood sugar result ends up different than if she had still been awake. I usually make sure that her last meal dose is done acting before I send her to bed to avoid this, and avoiding the chances of a low that she doesn't wake up for! But, after 15 months of being a food naitze and denying food after 7pm I gave in. I will eventually have to figure it out.

I figured last night was perfect! 140 with no active insulin, a great night to check some basals. NOT SO! I decided to sleep a whole 3 hours without getting up to check her and she was 337!!! WTF??? I was so pissed. That never happens unless she has undigested food, but I am SURE she didn't. We will see what tonight brings. Sometimes it seems like I may never get to sleep a straight 3 hours at night.

And then there is my Hannah. I am really trying to set aside my "knowing" that her diagnosis is right behind her. I am trying to just let it go, even though I know her fasting numbers are too high. She is having alot of headaches. She eats all the time, then has the mood swings. She gets alot of stomache aches, or times when she says she feels weird. How can I ignore those symptoms? I debate this in my mind every day. I should take her in for an A1c but I know that she isn't high all the time yet. I know that post prandials are her problem. I just know. I am torn on what the right thing to do is. I know when the time comes I will KNOW it, and will act then. There is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening to her. BUT, we could TRY. She could participate in the Trial Net studies, but she refuses for her fear of needles. Research has found that starting on small doses of basal insulin in the early stages can prolong beta cell life. I believe that is what happened with me and Maddison being that we are still on such small doses of insulin. We were both found early, and Hannah could be too if I stop my walking on eggshells as not to upset her!!

I think tonight I will have to give her something too sweet. I am thinking Oreos. I will check her at one hour and then her fasting in the AM. If she is off, I will take her to the Pediatrician for an A1c. If she is perfectly normal, I promise to leave this alone until I can't ignore it any longer. Lets hope I am wrong.

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